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2021 Head Boy – Glen Mc Kenzie

The newly appointed Head Boy Glen Mc Kenzie finished off his acceptance speech with this powerful verse:

“We will shout ‘til the walls of the school shake to the core
And the figures on the scoreboard rattle like before
Cause the teddies come in numbers, bigger than you’ve known
The teddies like a wild fire, all they’ve done is grown
We wait ‘til the day when we can bind up once more
And watch the reds kick the outsiders out our front door
The energy relit, the red fire back to full force
The teddies back with flare, the teddies back with sauce
We tiptoe ‘round no one, we stand our ground
You ever seen a teddy, growl like a hound?
Sins of scarlet and hearts of red
A place like no other, worthy of its dead
Crest on my chest and a thousand one hundred by side
We wear it with honour, we wear it pride
Feel the excitement building in the walls of the school
Waiting to dominate every, field, astro or pool
A place like no other, and the boys just the same
A place so wild, a place no one can tame
Don’t get it twisted, we’re gentlemen at heart
With passion like fire, with passion like art
Hearts beating faster, feet stamping louder
Chins lifted higher, flag lifted prouder
Up and running, oiled and clean
2021 are you ready for the red machine!”