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KES Accounting Dept named 'Top Performing School' 6 years in a row!
12 October 2017
Official Results are in for the Grade 12 SAICA Olympiad and our KES Grade 12 Accounting lads have again impressed with outstanding results.

HOD, Ms Cathy Avidon reports back on the 2017 results:

'For the 6th year in a row, King Edward VII school is the top performing school for the SAICA Accounting Olympiad, in Gauteng.

What makes this year exceptional is that our learners reached our highest ever average of 81,64%. Furthermore 3 of our learners hold the 1st place and tie 2nd place in Gauteng. We are delighted with these results.'

Top learner per Province: Bowie Lai

1st Runner Up :Corbyn Buziek

1st Runner Up: Tiago Jardim

Winning School: King Edward VII School
School Average 81.64
Winning School Educator: Cathy Avidon / Shanta Naidoo

Marvelous achievements for our Grade 12 learners and deserved accolades for our educators Ms Avidon and Mrs Naidoo.

SAIPA Olympiad Results:

A gala awards evening was held on Tuesday night, 10 October for the SAIPA Olympiad Winners.

KES Grade 11's had entered for this Olympia and again the results were fantastic!

Grade 11 learner, Nabeel Fazluddin came 1st in Gauteng and tie 2nd Nationally with 94%. He received a laptop and many other prizes.

Grade 11 learner, Egie Ohonba placed 3rd place in Gauteng.

Congratulations to our Grade 11 Accounting lads and teachers, Mr Fielding, Ms Avidon and Mrs Naidoo on these wonderful results.

Thank you to SAICA and SAIPA for the organisation and recognition of our School and Accounting Department.

The Tradition of Excellence continues.

Congratulations - Go School.

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Sat, 21 October 2017
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