Strenue - January 2012
2011 Matric Results
Congratulations Class of 2011

99.5% Pass rate
85% Access to Tertiary Education
209 Distinctions out of a class of 184 learners

Top Achievers
Milan Bheeka - 9 distinctions  Luca Zambetti - 9 distinctions  Reece May - 7 distinctions 

6 Distinctions obtained
Joshua Brown  Michael Heming  Nicholas Tickle 

5 Distinctions
Klintworth, R
Lekoto, Z
Mc Wha, J
Setshogoe, K
Sivrikaya, O
Taylor, D
Wessels, B
Wessels, E
Foundation report back by David Williams
David Williams: Foundation report & message of support for 2012

The King Edward VII School Foundation is looking to take its activities to another level in 2012. There is the opportunity to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the founding of the School, as well as the 100th anniversary of the re-naming of the School and the first year of occupation of the present buildings. We will shortly be announcing details of the “Strenue 110” fund-raising campaign.

We began fund-raising in November 2010, and in just over a year the total amount in pledges and donations stands at R5,25 million – in donations that ranged from R250 to R2,3 million. This of course is far from where we want to be, but it represents good progress when compared to other South African schools that have embarked on similar projects. We believe we can do better than any of them, private or public. The main focus is on building a substantial endowment, enabling us to “use the rands to generate more rands”, with the sustained support of individual and corporate donors.

One of the measures of the support that exists for our great school is in the reunions that are held each year, coinciding with the various anniversaries of matric groups. No less than 10 reunions are planned for 2012. When Old Boys return to the school, some of them after an absence of decades, they are knocked out by the excellent state of the facilities, including the many renovations and new buildings, and by the courtesy of the boys – an aspect for which King Edward’s remains justifiably famous.

The School continues to deliver all-round excellence in the academic, sporting and cultural spheres, instilling confidence in our young men and equipping them for leadership and success in various arenas anywhere in the world. To name just two highlights: we have been acknowledged officially by Wits University as consistently being one of their top feeder schools, and our 1st XV went through the 2011 season with just one defeat and produced several provincial players.

As I say to the reunion gatherings, if the School still looks and performs as it does now in 50 or 100 years’ time, we will have only ourselves to thank: the staff, parents and boys, and of course the sustained investment from wise corporates and what must be one of the most loyal and active Old Boy communities in the world.

As an Old Boy myself, and a former member of staff and parent, I have seen for myself since rejoining the King Edward family that the School remains a centre of excellence and a leader in public education – if anything, its status is enhanced. Without such institutions, the future of the economy – and indeed the country – is bleak indeed. Let’s make 2012 a great year for investment in the School and all our futures.

You can contact me on 072-597-3792 and

David Williams
Foundation Director

The Old Boys' Association, message for 2012 by Jonathan Gerber
Welcome to 2012 from the Old Boys Association

KES is not a good School, it is a great School.  Growing up one does not always realize just how privileged you are to be attending a school of this stature.  For me it was always a natural progression, my older brother went to the school and I was going to follow in his footsteps.  The choice was taken out of it for me and it was certainly never my decision personally to attend KES, I am however eternally grateful that my parents did send me to KES.

There are not many schools that have the proud traditions, successful Old Boys from all walks of life, brilliant teachers, world class facilities and importantly boys that are great ambassadors for the school that they represent. KES is indeed one of the best if not the best Government school in South Africa, don’t believe me? Then why don’t you come and have a look for yourself? The KES of today I am proud to say is a better school than the one I matriculated from in 1986. This against a backdrop of increased pressure from an education perspective in the new democratic South Africa. I am delighted to say that many Old Boys are still involved in the school and give generously of their time and resources in order to ensure the continued success of our great school.

The facilities speak for themselves and compare favourably with any school in the country, our teachers are quite simply brilliant and well led by a passionate, enthusiastic and world class headmaster in Mr Fennell. The class of 2011 achieved more distinctions than the entire decade of the 80’s! The school continues to produce leaders of the highest order and one only has to see the pride in their uniform to understand that it is indeed a phenomenal school. I agreed to become Chairman of the Old Boys association because I believe in the school and what it stands for. I also believe that for South Africa to take its rightful place in the World that our schools and particularly our traditionally strong Government Schools need to produce learners and leaders of the highest order. Everyone in Johannesburg talks about the power and strength of the KES old boys and how they still hold the school so near and dear to them. My challenge to all of you is to prove them right! Come and see for yourselves just what the school is achieving and what the modern day KES looks like. The reunions are a must attend, it is a privilege to see the school in working mode and to be present at an assembly is amazing.

As an old Boys association I urge all past old Boys of the school and past and current parents of boys to get involved, ours is an organization based on camaraderie, memories and common purpose. We should all be grateful and proud to have attended KES and the Old Boys Association gives one the opportunity to not only give back to the school but also to reminisce and catch up with old mates who all have many shared memories.  One of my non KES mates recently referred to us KES Boys as when we’s, but I asked him who would not want to remember five great years growing up in one of the finest schools in the country?  That certainly shut him up and he did remark how fortunate we were that we could reminisce and basically just have a good time remembering our teenage years together.

The Old Boys association is a proud bunch of like minded people who all have the best interest of the school at heart.  I urge those of you that are paying members to continue to do so and those that are not, to become paying members as the Old Boys association has the best interests of the school at heart.  2012 promises to be a watershed for our association as we plan on having gatherings in all the major centers of South Africa during the year as well as hosting a “Homecoming Day” for all Old Boys and their families to revisit the school in May.    

May I also take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a prosperous 2012 from the Old Boys Association.  May I also wish the school the very best in 2012, may it continue to make us all proud, may it continue to produce outstanding results culturally, academically and on the sports fields and perhaps most importantly may it continue to produce fine young gentlemen of which this country can be proud.

Jonathan Gerber, matriculated 1986.  Proud KES parent 2012.  
Old Boys' Reunion Dates & Reminders

 1951, 1952, 1953  9-11 November 2012  Bruce McMurray
 1962  9-11 November 2012  To be advised  To be advised
 1972  9-11 November 2012  Billy Foster
 1971  25-27 May 2012  David Williams
 1987  25-27 May 2012  Kevin McEvoy
 1982  4-6 May 2012  Geoff Baars
 1992  25-27 May 2012  Warren van der Merwe
 1997  16-18 March 2012 (TBC)
 To be advised To be advised
 2002  16-18 March 2012  Wakule Tshabangu

Reminder dates

The Old Boys Association & 300 Club Gatherings
29 February 2012
28 March 2012
25 April 2012
30 May 2012
25 July 2012
29 August 2012
26 September 2012
31 October 2012
28 November 2012

Other events
Golf Day - 9 November 2012
Banquet evening - 10 November 2012 (TBC)

Old Boys Association Registration
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New School Media Center on it's way to completion

This exciting project remains on course for handover by end of March this year. 

Our contractors returned to site a week earlier than most in the industry, and we are now witness to daily tangible progress with the internal construction works. This will become even more apparent as steel fabrication components start arriving on site shortly. Comprising the library, museum, research facility, Pipe Band room and new paraplegic friendly ablutions, the Media Centre promises to be the most significant  addition to the School`s academic facilities in recent years. Planning of the museum is being coordinated by an Old Boy that is extremely well versed in this arena. 

Immediately following handover of the new facility, professional landscaping of the old basketball courts (currently where the project site office is located) will commence. Preliminary drawings of the proposed landscape design have been tabled and will enhance the southern facade of the complex.  Total transformation of this area is keenly anticipated. 

The School remains indebted to the generous Old Boys who made this venture possible.

A day in the life of a 2012 Grade 8 boarder by Mr Simon Thorne


The new Grade 8 learners arrived nice and early on Monday afternoon at School House to start their journey at King Edward VII School as boarders. There was lots of excitement mixed with some nerves as well. Once they had unpacked their bags and said their goodbyes to their parents they were able to start to mingle and meet and greet each other. Shortly thereafter the School House boarders were thrust into the first of many discussions regarding the functioning of the Boarding Establishment. Thereafter dinner was held whereupon the nerves had settled in with regards to the reality of starting High School and the dining room was a little quieter than normal.

Discussions were held with their dorm prefects regarding their roles in the Boarding Establishment including the day to day functioning of the House. The following morning was a good start to their first day at high school as the boys were in good spirits and were looking forward to their Grade 8 orientation day. The nice thing for these boys was the fact they had already made some friends and knew some faces before their first day.

The orientation day was a long and tiring for the boys, with tests, tours, welcoming addresses and lectures. The boys were quite relieved when the day came to an end in the early afternoon especially after an extra long holiday. Thereafter at lunch one could sense that the boys were becoming a little more comfortable in their surroundings as the noise level at lunch had picked up a bit. By supper time after sports practice more and new friends were made and lots had to be discussed around the dinner table. Although one could sense a little nervousness as they started to realize that on Wednesday the rest of the school was arriving and they would be meeting the boys in the senior grades.

Wednesday arrived and the boys were into their third day at School and continued with their orientation. Their fears of the senior grades were put to rest as they were welcomed as’ brothers’ to King Edward VII School. They were then placed into their respective Houses with regards to inter-house activities. The boarders already being one step ahead as they were placed into their Houses the night before. Following if they could in their grandfather’s, father’s or brothers footsteps they were placed into School House, Davis House or Hill House, this proving to be quite a difficult concept for some boys as although they live in School House they may be in Davis or Hill House. This ‘simple’ exercise eventually turned out to be a history lesson as we had to explain why there were no physical buildings of Davis and Hill house anymore. However, once this was done we were able to continue.

Roll on Thursday and the boys were placed into classes and were able to start their academic programme. Once placed into their new classes they were able to meet more and new boys and expand on their ever growing list of friends. The prep session that night was a busy one with boys already doing homework and covering and labelling books. For some boys the first time that they had covered their own books. At the end of the first prep session one could say that books were covered and there seemed to be more paper and plastic on the floor than on the books.

By Friday there was a buzz around the Boarding establishment and the boys were well settled. The academic day was ended with a games session so the boys could interact on a more social level and be introduced to their mentors for 2012. After the game session they were able to ‘break off’ into their groups and start one of their many meetings with their mentors. By late afternoon sport teams were selected for rowing, cricket, water polo and basketball.

On Saturday one could see that the boys were almost seasoned campaigners at being boarders. The rowers were up early and off to Roodeplaat, the cricketers had an early net session before their game against Waterkloof, the basketball players were on the court early for a game against St Stithians and the water polo boys were at the pool for inter-house polo. By late Saturday afternoon a massive game of touch rugby was on the go and all were having fun as the prefects and Senior Housemaster joined in. The evening was rounded off with a braai and the watching of some sport on the television. By 9 o’clock there were some very tired boys.

The boys were very happy on Sunday as they could ‘lie in’ on Sunday as breakfast was only at 8 o’clock. A busy day lay ahead for the boys and it started off with inter-dormitory basketball where South dorm reigned supreme. This took the boys to lunch where afterwards the start of inter-dormitory football took place. Unfortunately a Highveld thunderstorm put an end to the football after only one round was played, also ending our much anticipated inter-dormitory touch rugby competition.

Hiding away from the Highveld thunderstorm the boys were able to catch up on some prep and sport on the television. Sunday ‘lights out’ couldn’t have come quicker as it had been a long, busy, fun, but tiring week. And so begins their journey as a boarder at King Edward VII School.

Grade 8's and their mentors

KEPS News & message from Mr Foote

Welcome to you all both new and old. May 2012 be a good one for you all.

We kick off the year with three new members of staff: Miss Mandy Beaumont (Grade2), Mrs Tarren Bolton (Grade 3) and Miss Thandi Buthelezi (Grade 5). Our total staff complement for the year is 40 plus a handful of part-timers. 742 pupils from Grade 0 to Grade 7. Our largest intake for many a year!

All our programs are in place and we are looking forward to a happy and successful year. Our new indoor sports stadium is a busy place and well utilized by boys from both schools. This facility has been set up in such a way that once the cricket season is over it can be used for hockey; football and a variety of activities should the need arise. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr Trevor Quigley for all he has done for our schools. The grounds are looking fantastic and our indoor facility is a wonderful innovation.

Our dream this year is to have a double storey building comprising of classrooms; toilets and a large play area built on the South Eastern side of our school (Louis Botha & Sasol garage side) for our foundation phase pupils. We desperately need to free up our prefabs, so we can use them for music and remedial as well as much needed storage space.

Once again a good 2012 to you all.

John Foote
King Edward VII Preparatory Head
The Old Edwardian Society - 2011 in review
It is fair to say that the Society can look back on 2011 with satisfaction and in some places, a good deal of pride.

A Special General Meeting of members gave the Executive the power to continue negotiating with the Developer with regard to the proposed re development of the Society, and it is hoped that 2012 will see substantial progress in this regard.

New signage was erected around the Club grounds. The signage has been done in the same corporate identity as that of the School, and has given the grounds a more professional look.

The various sub clubs continue to prosper and the highlights of these were:

Our cricketers won the 20/20 league title.

Our bowlers did well in outside competitions with the fours and trips reaching the quarter finals of the JBA tournaments whilst four singles players reached the last 16, and Gerard Ratzer reached the quarter finals of the SA Nationals.

Squash grows from strength to strength with Christo Potgieter winning outside tournaments as well as the club title, and crowned the year by being attached to the SA team that went to the World Team Championships.

Our tennis first side won their league, and are in line for promotion to the top flight, Bundes League, in Gauteng Central.

Pride of place must go the three water polo players, Grant Belcher, Gavin Samuel and Gus Pinker who represented South Africa at the World Championships. They were jointly awarded the Sportsman of the Year trophy for their inclusion, and to cap a fine year, water polo was voted the Sub Club of the year.

As always we welcome all friends of the King Edward family. Should you require any more information regarding the Society please do not hesitate to contact us via or alternatively Anne Pratt on (011) 728 7335.

Neil Darroch
Executive Chairman
Class of 1994
Davis House wins Inter-House Water Polo 2012
Final Standings
  1. Davis
  2. School
  3. Hofmeyr
  4. Anderson
  5. Hill
  6. Robinson
  7. Grimmer
  8. Croft
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Music Festival - 9 March 2012
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Open Day - 17 March 2012
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Rugby & Hockey Easter Festival - 4 to 9 April 2012
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