Strenue - Strenue March 2013
Congratulations Class of 2012!

The Class of 2012 Matriculants showed hard work, dedication and commitment do pay off, when some of our Top Achievers scooped many of the Top Awards at the District Awards Ceremony this month. Congratulations to the following Old Boys on their achievements:

Harshal Naran 1st Position – Top Achiever Northern Suburb Cluster
Top 15 Achievers D9 District - Maths and Science

Riaz Patel 2nd Position – Top Achiever Northern Suburb Cluster
Top 15 Achievers D9 District – Maths and Science

Muhammad Sacoor 5th Position – Top Achiever Northern Suburb Cluster
Top 15 Achievers D9 District- Maths and Science

Andrew Monahan Top 15 Achievers D9 District - Maths and Science

A further top award went to King Edward VII School Accountancy Educator, Mrs Shanta Naidoo who was awarded the TOP ACCOUNTANCY EDUCATOR IN GAUTENG! Congratulations to all, we are very proud of  the Class of 2012! 

Harshal Naran

Riaz Patel

Andrew Monohan

Muhammad Sacoor

2012 Sport and Cultural Highlights
King Edward Old Boys cricketing excellence
Graeme Smith returns to King Edward!
National Test Captain, KES Old Boy and Society cricketer, Graeme Smith returned to his alma mater on the 13 March to address the King Edward boys in a special School assembly. Great excitement was held as Graeme addressed the boys and handed over a pair of his very special cricket boots, the ones with the KES crest on, that commemorated his 100th Test, to be kept in the School Museum.

Graeme met with the lightning strike boys and in the assembly held a very lively and wonderful "Q & A" session where all the boys were encouraged to ask him questions about his career, highlights, his time at King Edward and who is his greatest inspiration! Graeme reminded the boys that through tough times, you find your strength and are all the stronger and better for it.

From the Assembly Graeme went on to the Netcare Rehabilitation Centre to surprise visit Mphetho Bidli. It was a wonderful moment when Graeme and Bidli met. Graeme encouraged Bidli to keep working at his full recovery and has committed his support to the 'KES LIGHTNING FUND' and to keep in touch with Bidli.

Thank-you Graeme it was a wonderful occasion, a treasured moment for all at King Edward and fantastic gesture to give your support to Bidli. Welcome home and the whole RED COMMUNITY continue to support and cheer you on and off the pitch!

View more images at GALLERIES at

 Article on ESPN website: ESPNCRININFO

Cultural Events & Highlights from Term 1
Mrs Mania-Director of Culturals reports back on the Annual Literary Evening 2013:

The third Annual Literary Evening was held on 26 February. Mr Thomas Sutherland, an educator from the English department has taken the Writer’s Society under his wing this year and compiled the programme and set for the evening.

The works that were performed were largely the talented boys own work with some carefully chosen pieces from other renowned writers to complement the local content. Founding father of the Writer’s Society, Ivan Webb popped in on the evening to see how the boys were faring but he need not worry, the Society to which he dedicated so much time and effort whilst at School, is thriving.

The poetry and readings were supplemented by the superb guitar playing of Lloyd May. Verushen Coopoo as MC wove a narrative through the evening, effectively linking the various themes together and proved to have a wonderful sense of humour especially when he introduced himself!

My only regret was that the evening was too brief as I could have listened to much more poetry and music.

Special thanks is extended to Mr Thomas Sutherland, Verushen Coopoo and Matthew Jenner for their efforts in putting together a superb evening of entertainment. Additional thanks to Tristan Marot for manning the lights and door so ably.

Well done to all on hosting a fantastic event.

Mrs Reynolds-Educator in Charge of Public Speaking reports back on 'Public Speaking Highlights': 

Public Speaking: our orators go from strength to strength!

All our Public Speakers have performed very well over the past few weeks receiving positive adjudication and pleasing results.
The league got underway with the Grade 9 event that was held at King Edward. The two teams selected as their topics “Another brick in the wall” and “Time”. The boys delivered their speeches with confidence and wit, and entertained an appreciative audience. Both teams received B+ symbols.
Two Grade 8 Public Speaking teams took part in the Prepared Public Speaking event and performed very well. The first team (Ntsako Mphalani, Yusuf Gardee, Ryan Mildenhall and Tiago Jardim) had as their topic “Over the Rainbow” and were awarded an A. The second team (Ayton Marquardt, Taahir Makda, Darshan Madhav and Corbyn Busiek) chose “Freak” as their topic of discussion and achieved a B+ for their efforts. The boys all displayed enthusiasm and showed great promise for the future.

The Grade 12 Prepared Team had as their topic of discussion “Women 111 ” and were awarded a B+ as were the Grade 10 Prepared Team for their speech .The Grade 12 Impromptu Team, consisting primarily of novice Public Speakers, achieved a credible B+ and the Grade 10 Imromptu team charmed the adjudicator and received an A symbol. Both the Impromptu and Prepared Grade 11 Teams received As for their efforts. It is especially in the Impromptu events that progress is evident and this is very gratifying. It is in the Impromptu Speeches that natural charm and spontaneity shine through and a more natural speaking stance is evident.

Extremely satisfying results have been attained in the Elite Section of the Public Speaking Competition.
Verushen Coopoo took part in the Elite Individual Competition and was deservedly awarded with an A+. His creative and intellectual level of speaking impressed the audience greatly. This was especially evident in his impromptu Speech where he produced a well-structured and intellectual speech after being given just 10 minutes to prepare.

The Trophy Team Comprising of Duncan Braithwaite, Lloyd May and Aqeel Wadee participated in the Elite Trophy Team Eventat Parktown Boys’ high School. The topic of their speech was “Invictus”. All three speakers were acclaimed to be “excellent” speakers by the adjudicator and together they produced a “stimulating and thoughtprovoking presentation”. The boys were a credit to themselves and their school. The Trophy Team were awarded a well-deserved A+ for their efforts.

In all the Public Speaking League 2013 has been a rewarding one and we look forward to the next set of Public speaking events on the calendar.

2013 Trophy Team: Aqeel Wadee, Lloyd May & Duncan Braithwaite

Festival News






Association Welcome from Jonathan Gerber
Dear King Edward Old Boys & Friends

On the 8th of January 234 new Grade 8’s started at King Edward VII School. I am not sure about all of you but I certainly remember my first day. Excited, nervous, optimistic, worried but willing to try my best would best describe my own personal experience, in my first year at King Edward.
The one thing that we all have in common is the great school that we attended. Certainly not every day was remarkable and most were in fact quite ordinary, however I still recall that special bond that was always there when something significant happened at the school.

Unfortunately something very significant happened at the school on the 12th February. Nine of our first team cricketers were struck by lightning whilst pulling the covers onto the John Hurry Field. The event has been well covered in the media and from the overwhelming response of messages sent to the school from Old Boys, parents and friends of the school; it was indeed a humbling experience to witness.
Often through adversity comes triumph and to see the way that the school has pulled together over this incident is unbelievable. To the boys, educators, parents, staff and friends of the school who have played their part in overcoming this, I say ‘thank-you’ on behalf of the Old Boys. The school has a special place in our hearts and it is superb to know that it is still a home to so many proud people willing to give whatever it takes for the school to flourish.
The 12th February was not a good day, but what has come of it has been nothing short of miraculous. To see everyone stand together, to support those in need has been a real eye opener and a real advertisement for the Red Spirit of King Edward VII School.

With this in mind, please do not delay a day longer, I urge you all to join the Association as we are a strong band of brothers and the school, our school needs us. We have under the auspices of the Trust set up a Lightning fund which I would urge you all to contribute to in order to ensure the future medical costs of those that need it due to this unfortunate situation. Herewith the banking details:

King Edward Educational Trust
Bank: Standard Bank, Branch: Killarney, Branch code 07205, Account number: 200289047
Reference: Lightning Fund/Your name & surname
International Deposits: SWIFT Address: SBZAZAJJ - Swift Code: 00720535

The individual amount contributed is not what is important, but rather the fact that when the necessity is there that we all climb in and support. Just like the good old days at school! What has also been fantastic to see is how our traditional rival schools have also contributed in many ways to making this an easier burden to bear. A rival by my definition is someone you compete against but who shows a mutual respect and admiration for their foe. My respect goes to our ‘rivals’ who in our time of need stood by us and our injured boy’s thank you.
This is certainly not the start that we had all predicted for 2013 but one that we have to live with and one that I can assure you that the school will come out stronger for. Our thoughts, support and prayers remain with our remaining boy in hospital, Mphetho Bidli and we are hopeful of his recovery, although a tough road of recuperation does lie ahead for him.

Gentlemen, please support your Association, the membership fees are R500 per annum. We are privileged to have gone to such a great school, let’s put something back and enjoy the camaraderie whilst we do it. Herewith the banking details:

King Edward Old Boys Association
Standard Bank of SA Limited
Branch: Killarney
Branch code: 007205
Account number: 243043678
International Deposits: SWIFT Address: SBZAZAJJ - Swift Code: 00720535
Reference: Name Surname/Year left and/or Parent/Friend

Warm regards

Jonathan Gerber
King Edward Old Boys Association
Old Boys' Reunion Dates & Reminders


Reunion  Class Contact Person Email address 2013 Dates
10 2003 Dean McHendrie 19-22 April
15 1988 Martin Bain Venn  19-22 April 
20 1993 Karl Reinecke 24-26 May
25 1988 Donald Gilroy 24-26 May
30 1983 To be Confirmed

40 1973 Enzio Zambetti 25 May
50 1963 Doug Smollan 8-10 November



School Hall of Fame by David Williams
There are legendary teachers who have served for their entire careers at King Edward VII School, but others have made a great positive difference to the School in a relatively short time. One such schoolmaster was Malcolm Armstrong, who was Deputy Headmaster from 1967 to 1974.

Malcolm was himself schooled at Potchefstroom Boys’ High, and then graduated from Wits and the Johannesburg College of Education (JCE). His ascent in the teaching profession was rapid and he was in a senior position at JCE when approached by Roy Corbett (Head 1963-1977) to join the School staff.

Malcolm was a brilliant and innovative teacher and examiner of English, in particular creative writing. He revolutionized the approach to writing not only at King Edward’s but in the entire Transvaal province, taking full advantage of the freedom afforded selected schools by the Transvaal Education Department’s successful experiment in independent examination. Under his leadership boys could consult their teachers during certain examinations, which sometimes did not have time limits; in one year he taught exactly the same creative writing material to a Grade 12 and a Grade 8 class – and found that on balance the better work came from the younger boys. He also instilled in many boys a lifelong habit of writing, through the personal journal.

A great believer in the all-round teacher as well as the all-round schoolboy, Malcolm participated in every facet of school life: coaching the 1st XI in the absence of John Hurry, adjudicating the House Play Festival and Best Speaker competition, acting brilliantly in the annual Staff Play and keeping goal for the Staff XI in the annual hockey match against the boys.

Perhaps the most brilliant schoolmaster of his generation in South Africa, he made a difference to King Edward VII School far beyond his eight years at the School. He went on to become a long-serving Headmaster of Pretoria Boys’ High, and then of Saheti in Senderwood and St Gregory’s in KwaZulu-Natal. He died most unexpectedly in the mid-1990s after what was expected to be a minor surgical procedure, still a relatively young man with much to offer.
Malcolm Armstrong made a lasting impact on hundreds of Edwardians – boys, staff and parents.
Old Edwardians 2013 Welcome
Complements of the New Year to the entire Edwardian Family. The Society has once again had a phenomenal year and the Executive would like to thank and congratulate all our members for their on-going commitment to our beloved Old Boy Club.

The Society is blessed to have so many learners, educators, Old Boys, parents and past parents as members who are actively involved in our Club. We would like to welcome any new members to the Society and we would encourage you and any member of your family to visit us and join any one of our numerous sub clubs.

2012 and the beginning of 2013, saw plenty of reasons to celebrate success on the sports field for the various sub clubs of the Society.

Hockey, like Phoenix, rose from the ashes, thanks to the efforts of some Old Boys from the School, and re entered Gauteng league with three teams. The firsts won second league and are now promoted to Premier, and the third team won their league to gain promotion. This coming season we will have three teams in the top three divisions.

We had two members representing South Africa at the London Olympic Games. Stuart Thornton was a member of the hockey team, and Gus Pinker, for the fourth Games in a row, was one of the water polo referees.

Squash won the mens Premier league as well as being awarded the trophy for the Best Club in Gauteng as well as the Most Improved crown.

Senade Haupt was chosen for the South African womens team that took part in the World Squash Championships.

Stuart Thornton was elected as Sportsman of the Year with Quinton de Kock as runner up.

Early January saw our Premier league cricket team beat UJ to win the league and qualify for the National Club Championships.

It was a golden year for the Society on the sports field and we have no doubt that this year will be no different.

Please visit us on KESNET - Society

KEPS Welcomes Doug Shead home!
Back Home! - Or is it?

I feel as though I am back home and yet there are moments when I do not!

As I arrive at work in the morning I have to remind myself that the office is mine. I have some fond memories of sitting in the office opposite Mr Foote discussing all sorts of matters. There are mornings when I expect my mentor to be there doing the guiding and sharing thoughts as we had all those years ago!
It is a massive challenge to be handed a baton of such magnitude and sent to run your own leg of the race. The expectations are huge and the eyes of the “spectators” are watching expectantly as I hurtle towards the next recipient!

It is extremely satisfying to have the support and encouragement of so many as I begin this leg of the race. It is this feeling of welcome and care that makes me feel “back home”. The staff of the Prep is most definitely able to “Share the Spirit” as they have made the start of the journey very easy through their dedication to the task of education and their support and understanding.

The change of leadership heralds a different phase in the history of the school BUT King Edward VII Prep School will always be the happy place of learning that I remember! The passion for the school and all that it stands for is as strong now as it ever was! We, the parents, staff and boys will continue to strive to ensure that the school is among the best schools in the country.

As we struggle to understand the future that our youth face we will make sure that they develop skills which will stand them in good stead no matter what their future holds. They will take on their world with confidence and hope. It’s the least we can do!

Doug Shead
Lightning Fund Appeal
In anticipation of significant medical costs arising from the lightning incident on the 12 February, and as a result of the numerous offers of assistance from members of the wider King Edward family, it has been decided to immediately establish a fund that will be administered via our Educational Trust, bank account details below:

Std Bank Killarney
Br Code 007205
A/C 200289047
King Edward Educational Trust
International Deposits: SWIFT Address: SBZAZAJJ-Swift Code: 00720535

Donations to be referenced as `LightningFund` together with donor surname and initials. Ideally we would want to acknowledge donors, so unless anonymous donation , please email proof of payments with contact details to Mrs Winslow at the School

I wish to express our sincere gratitude to all (corporates, schools and individuals) who have made a contribution to the 'Lightning Fund".

The response has been most positive to date.

I must however highlight that we now turn our energy to the specific plight of Mphetho Bidli who has remained in hospital since the incident on 12 February 2013. Mphetho has received wonderful care at Milpark Hospital in the ICU and Hi-Care facilities. The Hospital and staff have been most generous in their support.

Mphetho will, has now been transferred to a specialist rehabilitation facility in Auckland Park. Here he will receive extensive speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other specialist medical care. It is anticipated that he will initially need 6 weeks of treatment. A further assessment will then be done.

I draw your attention to the fact that the Bidli family do not have Medical Aid and that the costs for all his treatment to date and into the future will be hundreds of thousands of Rands. I therefore, once again, encourage you all to make a contribution to the "Lightning Fund" and encourage your family, friends and business associates to do the same.

Mphetho's cricketing skills had been identified by the Gauteng Cricket Board at an early age, motivated his admission to KES, in order to fully optimise his special talent. Mphetho has justified the GCB's faith in his ability as evident by his selection at the end of 2012 to the Gauteng Cricket Team and the SA Colts Team.

We are committed to ensuring that Mphetho has a full recovery and has the best medical care available.

Thank you once again for your tremendous support.


D Lovatt

EWN Interview Jayden Broodryk

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