House System


At the end of 2013 Mr Lovatt informed the community of our intention to change the day to day operation of the School and place greater emphasis on the House System.

In brief we have divided the School into 8 Houses (we have used the existing house names). Each House will have day boys and boarders; the Houses are then divided into 5 Groups – each Group headed by a staff member – and have boys from Grade 8 – 12. This will allow for mentorship and allow boys to interact across Grades. The Group Leader will be your first point of contact with the School. Boys will meet in their House Group each day except on the days they write Standardised Tests. They will meet as an entire House every Thursday at House Assemblies.

In addition, each House is lead by a House Leader; this is a senior position in the School and the House Leaders will take full responsibility for the overall Pastoral Care of your son. They each have an Assistant and each House has an Academic Leader (a position previously occupied by a Grade Head). The Academic Leader will oversee matters pertaining to Academics (Assessments, homework issues, class work, reporting). They report directly to their House Leader. Mrs Groenewald continues to head our Academic Programme and the Subject Heads remain responsible for the teaching and learning of their subject. Mrs Reynolds continues with her portfolio of Matric Studies and Concession Applications.

Below is a list of all staff involved in the Houses. Please feel free to contact your son’s House Leader if you feel it necessary. Your son will be able to tell you what House he is in.

Mr Thorne (4 Houses) and Mr Erasmus (4 Houses) (Deputy Headmasters) have been tasked with overseeing this programme and are your final port of call, if for some unforeseen reason you cannot contact the Group or House Leader.

This system will continue to evolve and it is Mr Lovatt’s  firm belief that this structure will further enhance the quality of care and education we are able to offer.







      Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
ANDERSON Neethling Wadee Von Hoesslin(AHL) Murray Bremner Prideaux-Brune W Pretorius
CROFTS Da Mata Friedland Dedlow


Visser C Bosman Jackson Radebe
DAVIS Khanye Koekemoer C Fielding (AHL) Miss de Wet J Scouler Van Straten Van Niekerk
GRIMMER Thompson Mahlangu M Thorne


Van Vollenhoven Thops Tomsek Boshoff
HILL Gordon Asvat Marvell (AHL) Bain Venn Van der Merwe van Rooyen S Pretorius
HOFMEYR Kyte L Naidoo Adriaanse Magubane  



Dunne (AHL) Kiewitz
ROBINSON Chopamba Ferreira Els H Hansen Jones Crossley (AHL) Engelbrecht
SCHOOL D De Wet Claro Van Rensburg (AHL) Mrs Hammond Dale  



Van Staden

Deputy Headmasters

Mr Erasmus                           4 Houses – Anderson, Grimmer, Hofmeyr and Robinson

Mr Thorne                             4 Houses – Hill, School, Davis and Crofts


Monday                                 Mr Visser

Tuesday                                Mr Ridley

Wednesday                           Mr Marx

Thursday                               Mr Hammond

Friday                                    Mrs Barnes


Buxton House                       Mr Marx

Buxton House                       Mr Da Mata

Buxton House

Donald Gordon House           Mr Ridley

School House                       Mr Hammond


Additional Staff

Mrs Reynolds, Mr Erasmus, Mrs Groenewald, Mr Hansen, Mr Lovatt, Mrs Mania, Mr Thorne, Mrs Schumyn, Mrs Naidoo, Mrs Meyer.