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“Fantastic scenes of mimic war I sing,
Undoubted warriors and a routed King;
How two mock realms, their glory to maintain
Marshalled their squadrons on the checkered plain.”
Marcus Hieronymus Vida, Bishop of Akva, 16th Century

“Chess is a game, an art, and even now a science, which cannot be expressed in words like a mathematical formula. Its moves are as endless as its fascination for people in every walk of life, all over the world. All other games have a central concept of victory or defeat, but post mortems in chess remain infinite and the innovative idea is what the game always thrives on. Chess knows no seasons; it can be enjoyed all year round and by people of all ages.”
Warren Bowles, Chess Captain and recipient of Colours award for Chess, KES 2001.

Our Chess Club has seen many players, coaches and members of staff come and go. What has remained unchanged is the dedication and spirit shown by the boys who played, coaches who inspired and educators who have facilitated. It truly is a privilege to be part of Chess at King Edward VII School.

King Edward VII School, undoubtedly, is ranked in the top 5 Chess playing schools in Gauteng, and will continue to strive to uphold this honour.

“We know that in order to win we have to be as disciplined and obedient as the army of Chess men we play with”
Westly McLaughlin, Chess Captain and recipient of Colours award for Chess, KES 2006


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