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The Dramatic Society was established by Mr Hugh Wilson many years ago in a venue that once housed bicycles and is now a theatre named after him. He developed it into a strong cultural activity where much fine theatre was produced even leading to some boys following a career in acting.

Traditionally, there is a main production (or two – time permitting) each year. One play is entered into the RAPS festival. The learners are required to produce this on their own but are guided by their educators who are invaluable in the process. The annual Inter-house One-Act Play festival (which is directed and produced by the boys) is held during the third term. Results are adjudicated and a number of awards are made.
Our main production for 2011, “The Examination” by Tony Breeze was performed at the Hugh Wilson Theatre and was entered in the RAPS festival where we received a number of merits and nominations for acting, set design and for the costumes but we were sadly not included in the final placings.

In order to stage a successful production there are many fields of expertise that need to be coordinated. Direction, costumes, sets, lighting, back stage, administration and of course commitment by the actors and staff involved. Not forgetting the support base of patrons without whom our efforts would be futile.

It never fails to surprise how acting can bring out a different persona or develop a character via role play.

2018 Term 3 Shakespeare Festival and Award’s Evening

The Dramatic Society boys recently walked the boards at the Johannesburg Civic Fringe Theatreonce again as part of the Shakespeare School Festival of South Africa. King Lear was the selected text which was staged as our third annual entry in this exciting festival. It was an amazing opportunity for the boys to work on a professional stage using all the latest equipment. The boys performed admirably under the student directorship of Callum Beukes. Sinako Ncala was stellar in his role as King Lear, and people were complimentary about the boys who played the female roles, in particular the wicked sisters Seth Thorne and Keabetswe Tsese. Chris Ayres found his form as the evil son Edmund and displayed his talent in rap.

The play was restaged prior to the 2018 Drama Awards evening, in which the main trophies for the year were awarded to the boys. The awards presented are as follows:

The sword for dedication to the Dramatic Society


Overall Best Actor


The Duncan Allen Trophy for the greatest overall contribution to the Dramatic Society (plus the Penguin Tutoring Award)                             CALLUM BEUKES

The Fourie Award for overall Cultural Contribution


Best Cameo


The One Act Inter-house Play festival 2017

The 52nd annual inter-house play finals were staged on Tuesday night before a packed audience who enjoyed a feast of comedy in one sitting. There was a visible sense of competition as each successive cast wrestled for the prestige of claiming the top spot in a festival that had started two weeks prior. The spectrum of plays was wide, ranging from classical British farce to a dark and absurd love affair between two dismembered individuals. The evening was capped by a novel glimpse of American satire presented under the Saturday Night Live banner.

Leading the adjudication panel was the well-known theatrical practitioner Devon Welmers, assisted by two of our Old Boys, Malcolm Meintjes and Mazi Thanda.
A fantastic evening was had by all. The stage has been set with high expectations for the 2018 season. (We regret that some audience members had to be turned away due to lack of seating on the night.)

Mr T Bremner (Head of Drama)

Final Placings
Winning house play
(and best Comedy): Davis Presidential Debate a SNL adaption
Proxime Accessit: Robinson Bloody Mary by Greg Vavos
Third place: School The Thin Blue Line: The Green Eyed Monster by J Rieper

Best Actor: Seth Thorne Davis
Best Actor (Proxime Accessit): Joshua Kinsey Robinson
Best Supporting Actor: Samuel Groenewald School
Best Actor in a Female Role: Ross Robertson Robinson

Best Director: Terence Clarkson Hill
Best Set: Davis

(House Rankings at the end of the preliminary rounds were):
– Davis: 75%
– School: 68%
– Robinson: 65%
– Grimmer: 63%
– Hill: 61%
– Hofmeyr: 54%
– Anderson: 49%
– Crofts: 0%

2016 Dramatic Society Awards:

The Duncan Allen trophy for the greatest overall contribution to the Dramatic Society plus the Penguin Tutoring award: Malcolm Meintjes

The Sword for dedication to the Dramatic Society: Mokundi Muofhe

Overall best Actor for 2016: Mazi Thanda

The Fourie Literary Accomplishment Award (for writing his own play for the One-act Play festival: Seth Thorne

Best Director (awarded at Play festival): Mazi Thanda

Congratulations to all the winners but also well done to the Dramatics Society on another very successful year and for entertaining our Community with the wonderful talent on stage during 2016.

Results of the 51st Inter-House Play Festival 2016:

1st – Hofmeyr – “Fishnet” directed by Mazi Thanda
2nd – Robinson – “Lamb to the Slaughter” – directed by Malcolm Meintjes
3rd – Grimmer – “The Chinese Pendant” – directed by Christian Zoghby

Best Play -Hofmeyr – “Fishnet”
Proximae Accessit – “Lamb to the Slaughter”
Best director – Mazi Thanda
Best Actor – Mazi Thanda
Proxime Accesite (Best Actor) – Mukundi Muofhe
Best Actor in a female role – Leago Nhlapo

Inter-House Plays Special Commendations

Shane Duthie – for his role as Ramond Fowler in The Thin Blue Line.
Athi Fonqoqa – for his excellent role as the narrator in How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.
Max Foster is also to be commended for his role as Christy in How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse.
Seth Thorn for his rendition of Ella Fitzberg in Couples Therapy.
Vusi Koetsi also needs a mention for his excellent portrayal as Charles in Couples Therapy.
Reece Hawtrey as Bernard Black in Black Books.
Ross Robertson as Mary Maloney in Lamb to the Slaughter.
Liam Nel as Patrick in Lamb to the Slaughter.
Joshua De Klerk as Willoughby Pomfret in The Chinese Pendant

Results from the 50th Inter-House One Act Play Festival 2015
1st : Hill House – “Fawlty Towers” directed by Yuveshan Govender and Dino Calvaresi
2nd : Robinson – “Blackadder: Goodbye” directed by Malcolm Meintjes and Dylan Taplin
3rd : Crofts – “The Thin Blue Line” directed by Phato Pukwana and Nicholas Barnard

Best actor – Reece Hawtrey (Grade 11) for his performance as Basil Fawlty
Proxime Accessit – Dylan Taplin (Grade12) for his performance as Blackadder
Best Supporting Actor- Callum Beukes (Grade8) for his performance as Detective Grim
Best Actor in a female role – Dino Calvaresi (Grade 12) for his performance as Sybil Fawlty
Best Set – Hill

Matthew Titterton as Manuel in Fawlty Towers
Nicholas Barnard as Inspector Goodie in The Thin Blue Line
Phato Pukwana as Inspector Fowler in The Thin Blue line

Results from 49th Inter-house One Act Play festival 2014

1st Place – Hill for “Dad’s Army”
2nd Place – Anderson for “The Frightful Phantom of Frans Van Tonder”
3rd Place – Robinson for “Blue Murder”

Winner: Viashin Govender as George Mainwaring in “Dad’s Army”
Proxime Accessit: Stephen Baxter as Somewhat Vague Detective in “Blue Murder”

Winner: Tyron Nevin as Joe in “The Frightful Phantom of Frans Van Tonder”
Proxime Accessit: Caleb Swanepoel as Arthur Wilson in “Dad’s Army”

Winner: Liam Nel as Mrs. Hopkins in “Blue Murder”
Proxime Accessit: Khaya Thembisa as Violet in “The Frightful Phantom of Frans Van Tonder”

Michelle Ellero in “Sugarcoat”

Joshua Wolpe in “Blue Murder”
Matthew Titterton in “Dad’s Army”
Garrick Blok in “The Frightful Phantom of Frans Van Tonder”

King Edward VII School One-Act Inter-House Play festival 2013
Results from the 48th annual One Act Play Festival – March 2013

Best Play  Schoolhouse ‘Dinner for One’ produced by Tristan Marot
Best Play Proxime Accessit Davis ‘A Touch of Class’ produced by Lloyd May
Best Set Davis ‘A Touch of Class’ produced by Lloyd May

Best Actor Duncan Braithwaite ‘Pink Panther Strikes Again’
Best Actor Proxime Accessit Caleb Swanepoel ‘Dinner for One’

Best Supporting Actor Timothy Miller ‘Pink Panther Strikes Again’
Best Actor in a female role Kamohelo Tsosane ‘Sugar Coat’
Best Actor in a Comedy role Lloyd May ‘A Touch of Class’

Cameo role award Theo van Hove ‘Insensitive Care’
Playwright/Producer award Matthew Jenner for writing ‘Insensitive Care’ and ‘The Hoboes of Hall Street’

Highly commended roles:
Tristan Marot ‘Dinner for One’
David Cox ‘A Touch of Class’
John-Dell Riley ‘A Touch of Class’
Peter Varga ‘A Touch of Class’
Elan Nieftagodien ‘Insensitive Care’
Malcolm Meintjies ‘Insensitive Care’
Lucien Sargeant ‘Dead Parrot’
Tevin Hlatswayo ‘A Dollar’

King Edward VII School One-Act Inter-House Play festival 2012

The 2012 King Edward Inter-House Play Festival was held in late August, with the preliminary rounds taking place on 21 and 22 August, and the finals on the 23rd. The festival was dedicated to the memory of Duncan Allan.

The plays produced were of an exceptional calibre as many of the boys went out of their way to entertain the audience. The plays produced were:
Lamb to the Slaughter – produced by Matthew Jenner
Not Smart – Produced by Lloyd May
The Master Thief – Produced by Menzi Mthembu
Genesis and Catastrophe – Produced by Duncan Braithwaite and Bevan Leedham
Blackadder Goes Forth – Produced by Sebastiao Rodrigo and Matthew Van Rooyen
The Tent – Produced by Errol Gradwell
Grimmer and Crofts – no plays

The results of the finals were:

First – “Blackadder Goes Forth” (Robinson)
Second – “Genesis and Catastrophe” (Hofmeyr)
Third – “Lamb to the Slaughter “(Anderson)

Some of the awards presented on the night were:

Best Actor: Sebastiao Rodrigo as Edmund Blackadder in “Blackadder Goes Forth”
Proxime Accessit: Duncan Braithwaite as Alois in “Genesis and Catastrophe”
Best Supporting Actor: Matthew Van Rooyen as Lieutenant George in “Blackadder Goes Forth”
Proxime Accessit: Viashin Govender as Dr Hall and Elan Nieftagodien as Officer Thomas in “Lamb to the Slaughter”
Best Actor in a Female Role: Malcolm Meintjies as Mary Maloney in “Lamb to the Slaughter”
Proxime Accessit: Cuhan Van Der Merwe as Frau Lemner in “Genesis and Catastrophe”

A new award was donated by the Allan Family in memory of Duncan. This together with a book prize donated by the Legg family (Penguin tutoring) was awarded to Sebastiao Rodrigo for his involvement in Dramatics and his broad spectrum of talent and participation.

Lighting for the festival was done by Sebastiao Rodrigo and Anela Majozi. Without them, the festival would not have been able to work as well as it did.
The play festival was adjudicated by Mr Adam Pelkowitz, who had the difficult task of assessing all the plays and choosing a winner. The Dramatics department is very grateful for his contribution.

A very special thank you needs to go to the educators that assisted in the festival. Mrs Mania for organizing everything relating to the festival, Mrs Le Grange for helping with costumes and makeup and to Ms Marvell for her extraordinary contribution in helping the boys to prepare for the festival.
An extremely enjoyable play festival!

Report by: Matthew Jenner

RAPS Festival 2012

King Edward VII School took part in the 2012 Rand Amateur Play Society One-Act Play Festival in May/June. The play produced was “Blackout” by Scottish playwright Davey Anderson. Out of the forty schools in contention, King Edward VII School placed first and became the 43rd winners of the RAPS One-Act Play Festival. Other than winning the festival, King Edward VII School received several nominations and awards, most prominently Thomas Braithwaite was adjudged Best Actor of the festival.

It should be noted this was only our third year of participation at RAPS. A great achievement for King Edward VII School Dramatics Society!

The cast and crew were as follows:
Directors: Sebastiao Rodrigo and Matthew Van Rooyen
Lighting: Sebastiao Rodrigo
Sound: Anela Majozi
Stage Manager: Matthew Van Rooyen
Thomas Braithwaite as James
Bevan Leedham as Ma
Duncan Braithwaite and Matthew Dale as Narrators
Tristan Marot as Dad/Various Characters
Matthew Jenner as Bully/Various Characters
Cuhan Van Der Merwe as Key Worker/Various Characters
Lloyd May as Judge/Various Characters
Menzi Mthembu as Guard/Various Characters
Stephen Baxter as Bully/Various Characters


1966 Anderson The Marat / Sade by Peter Weiss
1967 Hill Hewers of Coal by Joe Corrie
1968 Hofmeyr The Happy Journey by Thornton Wilder
Crofts Tail of Fire by T B Morris
1969 Robinson The Commission by Margot Jay
1970 School Battle of Wits by N Williams
1971 Anderson The Bald Prima Donna by Eugene Ionesco
1972 Anderson The Effect of Gama Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds by Paul Zindel
1973 Grimmer The Death of Bessie Smith by Edward Albee
1974 Hofmeyr People are Living There by Athol Fugard
1875 Anderson Picnic on the Battlefield by Arrabel
1976 Grimmer It Should Happen to a Dog by W Mankowitz
1977 Anderson Hope is a Thing with Feathers by R Harrity
1978 Davis Fool’s Errand by Chaucer / Margaret Wood
1979 Hill The Laboratory by David Campton
1980 Robinson Ball Boys by David Edgar
Hofmeyr Story Theatre by Paul Silke
1981 School From Equus by Peter Schaffer
1982 Hill From the Birthday Party by Harold Pinter
1983 Robinson Hope is a Thing with Feathers by R Harrity
1984 Hofmeyr The Death of Bessie Smith by Edward Albee
1985 Davis Playmaker by Colin Hossack
1986 Grimmer From Hamlet by William Shakespeare
1987 Robinson Fear of Heaven by John Mortimer
1988 Davis Royal Hunt of the Sun by Peter Schaffer
1989 Hofmeyr Pyramus and Thisbe by William Shakespeare
1990 Crofts The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard
1991 Robinson From the Crucible by Arthur Miller
1992 Crofts From Biloxi Blues by Neil Simon
1993 Crofts From A Few Good Men
1994 Grimmer The Room by Harold Pinter
1995 School Story Theatre by Paul Silke
1996 School Fool’s Errand by Chaucer / Margaret Wood
1997 Crofts The Three Knaves of Normandy by Constance Cox
1998 Davis Flyboy by Yvonne Adrian
1999 Robinson From A Resounding Tinkle by N F Simpson
2000 Hill The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard
2001 Hill Royal Hunt of the Sun by Peter Schaffer
2002 Davis Reunion by W St John Taylor
2003 Grimmer Playmaker by Colin Hossack
2004 Crofts Goodbyee by R Curtis and B Elton
2005 Grimmer Royal Hunt of the Sun by Peter Shaffer
2006 Hill Fawlty Towers by John Cleese
2007 School The Body Builders by Michael Weller
2008 School Waterboy adapted from the film of the same name by D Allan & D Cross
2009 Croft Royal Hunt for the Sun by Peter Schaffer
2010 Hofmeyr Over my Dead Body by Pat Baker
2011 Davis ‘Allo, ‘Allo
2012 Robinson Blackadder Goes Forth
2013 School House ‘Dinner for One’
2014 Hill House ‘Dad’s Army’
2015 Hill House ‘Fawlty Towers’
2016 Hofmeyr House ‘FishNet’
2017 Davis “Presidential Debate”


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