First Aid


In January 2004 Mrs Schumyn was given the instruction to start-up the First-Aid Society and facilities. The First-Aid Society had very humble beginnings boasting only off a room that contained a shower, a cupboard and a few odd items of first-aid supplies (very limited)!

The room that the First-Aid Team was now based in proved to be extremely difficult to work from and even more problematic to treat patients back and forth from the various fields. The First-Aid Team then moved to their operation to work from a gazebo out on the fields; working in harsh conditions, in wind, rain or the heat!

During 2005-2007 due to the donation of a parent, the First-Aid Society operated out of an old food caravan. This was no easy task and from 2008 the First-Aid Society moved to the “old tractor & rugby storage shed”. The First-Aiders new home proved to be in the best position since it had first orginated in 2004. It’s location was now very central to all the action taking place on around the school. the “shed” was upgraded and a cement floor was laid and covered in vinayl floor covering. Again due to the generosity of Mr Speechly two physio benches were added and also from donations madeby another parent, Ms Shaw some vital first-aid equipment was donated from a private clinic. It was in fact, Ms Shaw’s son who first though up the idea to sell the now renowned “KES red blankets”, as a means to raise funds that will ultimately be used to buy more first-aid stock and to improve on the “clinic”! From the sales of these blankets more vital stockk such as an ice-machine, fridge, linen and a spine-board wee added to the stock!

From 2008 to present day, the First-Aid Team has been aptly assisted by the very experienced Doctors Daniella and Baxter. Furthermore from 2010 the First-Aid Team was boosted with the experience and expertise of a physiptherapist, Cliffie Deacon. Today this First-Aid Team is well oiled and very effecient team that sees many boys qualify through various levels of First-Aid instruction, making them qualified and experienced to deal with not only the minor scrapes and bruises, but to deal and effectively monitor the more serious injuries and to adequately hand-over to the more qualified paramedics always on hand at all functions/sporting events held at King Edward VII.

The First-Aid Society is without a doubt a valuable and very necessary part of the KES Community & the Staff and boys who have sacrificed many long hours to keep our boys and visitors to King Edward VII safe and secure are to be saluted and admired.


2011 saw two Grade 9 girls from Parktown Girls, Shanley Henderson & Dominique Smit, join us at the Easter Festival 2011.

2009 Winners of the Junior & Senior Gauteng Theory Examinations.
2010 Did not compete due to World Cup 2010 Soccer Festivities.

2011 KES First-aid team

Head of First Aid Mrs Schumyn & Dr Bester attend to touring Wellington College student


KES & K.E.P.S First Aid Team shine at competition!

Congratulations to the King Edward VII School First Aid Team (combination of Juniors and Seniors) who took part a competition at Glenvista High School on Saturday. Team was as follows: Michele Ellero- Grade...