Music Society


The Music Society was created by a learner, Ricardo (Ricky) de Almeida in 2008. A passionate and talented musician, he had a vision of creating a band which could play at School functions to complement the Choral Society.  This brainchild grew and not only do they play at the annual Music Festival, but last year they played at the Matric Valediction and held their first, entertaining and successful, Acoustics evening.

When Ricky matriculated in 2009, he handed over the reins to a capable duo, David Witelson and Connor Boyd. Nicholas Tickle deputised and has taken over the running of the society this year with the help of Lloyd May.
It has long been a dream of the Music Society to host a proper full blown Musical festival to showcase the wide range of talent we have at the School. We have attempted to get a more structured set-up going but without a budget and a suitable coach to train and guide them the Music Society have yet to reach their full potential.

David Witelson (head 2010) wrote:
“In my leadership I have held this as my aim and my drive to keep the Music Society going. King Edward VII School cannot be without this cultural body, this newly recognized aspect of School life or it is like a family with a lost son. The Music Society will always stand to embody the ethos that it was created with and its members will always strive to rock out as true, dedicated exemplary King Edward gentlemen”.

In the 2009 School Magazine, Ricardo de Almeida, the Founder of the Music Society wrote this:
“It is a gift brought onto us by God, used as a tool to unlock our freedom of expression; it allows us to represent our beliefs, our cultures and our way of life while vividly painting a figurative background of our own personal taste and characteristics. It evokes emotions we sometimes cannot express on our own, and helps us to cope with situations which are out of our control. This saviour is the gift of music”.

2017 Report back by Ms Van Den Biggelaar

Musicians: W. Viljoen, K. Kazibo, L. Campkin-Smith, R. Hawtrey, K Emanuel, D Nell, J Thornhill,
Captain: W Viljoen
Vice-Captain: L Campkin-Smith

This year was all about new beginnings and new talent. The Music Society has always been a close group of young men who have an immense talent and passion for music in all its glorious forms.

The KES Band (W. Viljoen, K. Kazibo, R, Hawtrey and L. Campkin-Smith) also performed at the battle of the bands earlier this year. Although we did not achieve the results we would have liked we kept the crowd on their feet and dancing throughout our performance.
Our new additions also proved to be an amazing asset to the team and brought in some new styles and genres that we have not yet explored. Adding to our repertoire a singer-songwriter in the form of K Emanuel and an incredible composer J Thronhill, both of whom held the attention of the crowds at our expressions evenings.

A BIG thank you has to go to W. Viljoen and L. Campkin-Smith who continued to give their all to the Music Society. Coming up with new and exciting ideas to keep the Music Society on their toes. You both have contributed hugely to the success of the Music Society and it is with heavy hearts that we have to part with our two main acts. Thank you for everything!



In April, King Edward Band Members, of the KES Band, Teddy on the Throne:
Philip Weyers, Sam Groenewald, Oyama Mdladla, Jason Vermeulen & James Thornhill made it to the ”Battle of Bands Final”.

They were entered into the St Mary’s Battle of Band Final with 2 song submissions, one a cover song and one an original song.



Battle of Bands Final Performance at St Mary’s – 17 May

Expressions Evening