Photographic Society


2018 Awards and Update by Ms Avidon & Ms Jones

Zaeem Bhabha achieved a PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa) Certificate of Excellence, for his panel of 10 photos.

Here are the images out of panel of 10 that received: Gold

 In the PSSA  13th National Up-and-Coming Competition, 2 of our boys won both the categories:

Shanil Bheeka, winner of the digital camera category and Chad Gaddie, winner of the cellphone category. A PSSA bronze medal was awarded to each of them. (The bronze medal is the highest medal awarded by the PSSA to a scholar).

Shanil Bheeka – winning photo


Chad Gaddie image:



Name Award Title of Photograph
13th PSSA Up-and-Coming Competition
Chad Gaddie Medal Category Winner


Moon Girl
Chad Gaddie Certificate of Merit Landscape Review
Chad Gaddie Acceptance Lions View
Chad Gaddie Acceptance Cool Sunset
Chad Gaddie Acceptance Flower Beauty
Chad Gaddie Acceptance Don’t Stop Believing
PSSA Up-and-Coming Competition
Shanil Bheeka Medal Category Winner

Digital Camera

Shanil Bheeka Acceptance Imperial Kingdom
PSSA Up-and-Coming Competition
Zaeem Bhabha Certificate of Merit Pile Diver
Zaeem Bhabha Certificate of Merit Alone on the Cliff
Zaeem Bhabha Acceptance Strenue
Zaeem Bhabha Acceptance Time Out
Zaeem Bhabha Acceptance Machine


12th PSSA Up-and-Coming Competition
Medal Category Winner


The other school trophy awards:

The 2018 Photograph of the year: S Bheeka

The Best Panel of School Photographs: Z Bhabha

The winner of the Avidon Trophy for the best school panel is Zaeem    Bhabha.

2017 Report back by Ms Avidon

2017 saw growth in the King Edward Photographic Society, not only in the number of members, but also in the improvement of the level of photos sent for judging. During the year, the boys had 12 opportunities to submit 2 photos, one being school related, for judging. The external judging pane, headed by Ms Anne d’Oliveira, awarded each photo a gold, silver or bronze (within the author’s star rating) and added comments, from which the boys learnt a great deal.

We were very pleased to welcome a new staff member, Mrs Amy Jones, into the Society at the start of the second term. Her ideas and expertise, combining art and photography, have proven to be valuable to the Society.

Our boys achieved excellent results in four external competitions during the year.

The Photographic Society of America presents an annual Youth Showcase, where scholars from countries all over the world compete against each other in a Photographic Salon. The 2017 competition had a total of 966 entries in 6 categories, of which 44 images were selected and entered from Schools and Clubs (youth) in South Africa. Each school could only send a maximum of 8 photos, and we were extremely proud our 4 boys who received the following awards:

  • Taahir Makda for his photo ‘Lion’ in the category Monochrome and Rahul Parbhoo for his photo ‘Swimming the mile’ in the category Photo Journalism, each received Acceptances.
  • Yaseen Bhabha received an Honourable Mention (in South Africa it is called a Certificate of Merit) in the category Colour Choice, for his photo, ‘Hanging Tree’.
  • The excellent photo of Jamie Thomas, entitled ‘Hands up’ was awarded the 3rd place prize in the category People or Animals.

Some of our members entered the Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) Youth Salon and achieved the following:

  • Yaseen Bhabha          4 Acceptances
  • Shanil Bheeka             1 Acceptances
  • Aidan Fine                   3 Acceptances
  • Sebastian Freeman    2 Acceptances

Our members also achieved outstanding results in the two PSSA ‘Up-and-Coming’ Competitions held in April and October respectively:

The awards members received in the 11th Competition for Digital and Cell Phone Cameras were:

Member Digital Camera Cellphone Camera
Zaeem Bhabha 1 Acceptance Category Winner for image ‘Stairwell’ and 3 Acceptances
Yaseen Bhabha Certificate of Merit and

2 Acceptances

Taahir Makda Certificate of Merit and 1 Acceptance Certificate of Merit


The awards members received in the 12th Competition for Digital and Cell Phone Cameras were:

Member Digital Camera Cellphone Camera
Rahul Parbhoo Category Winner for image ‘Window to Heaven’ and

3 Acceptances

1 Acceptance
Shanil Bheeka 1 Certificate of Merit
Zaeem Bhabha 3 Acceptances 1 Acceptance
Chad Gaddie 1 Acceptance 1 Certificate of Merit and

3 Acceptances

Sebastian Freeman submitted a panel of 10 photos to the PSSA and was awarded with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’, which is the highest recognition given to a scholar for photography, in South Africa.  An outstanding achievement!

I donated a new trophy to the Photographic Society to encourage the boys to take many school photos during the year. In August, boys were required to select and submitted 6 school related photographs: 2 Architecture, 2 Sport and 2 Own Choice. Sebastian Freeman obtained the highest score from 3 independent judges from the Camera Club of Johannesburg, thus receiving the trophy for the ‘Best panel of School Photographs’ taken during 2017.

This year our Society has enjoyed numerous presentations:

  • Ms Anne d’Oliveira –  Submitting photographs for grading and judging.

– Requirements for entering the PSSA Up-and-Coming and Youth

Salon competitions.

–  Matric Dance photos.

– Landscape photography

– Portraiture photography

– Presentation of winning photographs of the year


  • Mrs Claire Scott – Photographic Trip to the Arctic.
  • Mr Alan Mason – Photographic techniques
  • Mrs Amy Jones – Photographic Art.

We are once again hugely grateful to Anne d’Oliveira, who has generously given many, many hours of her time, together with her immense expertise and experience, to the King Edward VII Photographic Society!  Her dedicated and enthusiastic commitment to promoting photography with the learners at our school, has been greatly appreciated by all and we look forward to her continued involvement and support in the future.

Our continued gratitude and appreciation goes to Canon South Africa for their generous sponsorship of cameras, lenses and printers in 2015,  which have been used greatly by staff and boys throughout the year!

Finally, we would like to thank our 2017 Captain, Yaseen Bhabha, for his commitment and help to the Society and for motivating the members.

Colours: Y Bhabha and S Freeman

Best panel of school photographs: S Freeman

Photograph of the year: S Freeman


The boys submit photos each term which are judged in their star level. (Awarded a bronze, silver, gold or a certificate of merit). Mrs Anne d’Oliveira, President of the Camera Club of Johannesburg and Vice President of the Photographic Society of South Africa then gives comments on photos judged and suggests ways in which the photographer can improve the image. This is reported back to the members at our Photographic Society meetings, where the images are projected.

Star Rating Criteria
ONE STAR: 1)   Exposure    2)   Focus    3)   No obtrusive elements
TWO STAR: All for 1 Star plus    1)   An element of composition   2)  Background must contribute   3)   A focal point
THREE STAR: All for 2 Star plus    1)   Stricter composition   2)  Understanding of use of light and colour
FOUR STAR: All for 3 Star plus    1)   Striking image – strong composition, good colour saturation   2)   Image must have an element of story-telling and/or convey a message
FIVE STAR: All for 4 Star plus    1)   Images should show creativity, imagination, good use of lighting, excellent colour saturation and have some impact

2018 Winners

One Star – Chris Lindes

Two Star – Dihan Du Toit

Three Star – Rahul Parbhoo

Four Star – Zaeem Bhabha

Five Star – Shanil Bheeka

2017 Winners

One Star – Chris Lindes

Two Star – Adil Kucuk

Three Star – Zaeem Bhabha

Four Star – Sebastian Freeman

Five Star – Taahir Makda



Graham Robertson – Taking Sports Photos, with special reference to the Rugby/Hockey Easter Festival.

Kit Bruyns – ‘See the difference between ‘an ok photo and a better photo’ and ‘There are photos everywhere, you just got to see them’

Jason Worrell– Taking team and group photographs.

Anne d’Oliveira – How to Take a Good Sports Photograph
Architectural Photography – a presentation and workshop

CCJ Salon Exhibition- at Africa Museum. Guided Tour.

2016 Report Back

Educator-in-charge: Ms C Avidon
Chairman: L van der Merwe
Vice Chairman: P Kathard

I am pleased to report that the King Edward VII Photographic Society can boast a good and very productive year! Our Society, now in its 78th year, meets every Thursday after school from 13h50 to 14h30 – often longer for those that don’t have to go to other sport/activities! 20 of our members have been graded by Mrs Anne d’Oliveira (President of the Camera Club of Johannesburg and 1st Vice President of the Photographic Society of South Africa). Once graded, our learners have had 12 dates this year to submit 2 images per date, for judging. From term 3, in order to encourage the boys to use the sponsored Canon cameras to take more photos of sporting and cultural activities, at least 1 of the 2 photos submitted each date for judging, had to be school related. After the last submission date for 2016, we have 8 2-star learners, 6 3-star learners, 5 4-star learners and 1 5-star learner. Our boys always look forward to the meetings where their images are projected and they get feedback from the judges on each photograph submitted, together with suggestions on ways in which they can improve their image.

Notably this year, Taahir Makda, a Grade 11 learner, who has achieved his 5-star level, was given Full (Cultural) Colours for Photography at our awards assembly. He regularly submitted images for judging, took photos at sport activities and the matric dance and also helped in our weekly meetings. One of the highlights came when Taahir received an acceptance for his photograph entitled ‘The Most Glorious’ in the Architectural Category for the 2016 Youth Showcase Competition run by the Photographic Society of America. He also achieved first place in the cellphone category of the national ‘Up-and-Coming’ Photographic Competition held by the Photographic Society of South Africa. Yaseen Bhabha, also in grade 11, is currently on 4-star level and was awarded a Team Blazer (half colours) at the same awards assembly. Yaseen has also contributed greatly to our Photographic Society this year, taking photos at sport and cultural events and we look forward to his contribution to our Society in 2017! Yaseen’s image, ‘Hanging Tree’ was judged (by 3 outside judges) to be the ‘Photograph of the Year’.

Our continued deep gratitude and appreciation goes out to Canon South Africa for their sustained sponsorship and support, all of which is assisting with the promotion of photography at our school. In 2015, Canon very generously sponsored cameras, lenses and printers (together with ink and photo paper) all of which have been used greatly throughout the year! This year Canon’s sponsorship was extended in the form of covering repairs to the Canon 700D as well as to the Canon 70D, which had unfortunately been damaged. We know that these repairs were at great cost and we are very grateful to Canon for their sponsorship of this.
Our Photographic Society members have captured many special moments at school sports, cultural activities, functions and events and the images have been published via the school website, Facebook, newspapers and the School Magazine. In addition, we have also printed many photos for posting on the notice boards and in classrooms and this has helped to inspire all our photographers.

Once again a sincere and very, very special thank you goes to Mrs Anne d’Oliveira, who has generously given hundreds of hours of her time together with her immense expertise and experience, to the King Edward VII Photographic Society. Her dedicated and enthusiastic commitment to promoting photography with the learners at our school, has been greatly appreciated by all and we look forward to her continued involvement and support in the future.

We would also like to thank Mr Graham Robertson from GR Photographic for his sponsorship of a tripod and his continued help and advice throughout the year.
Finally, we would like to thank our 2016 Photographic Society Captain, Liam van der Merwe, for his commitment and help to motivate all the members of our society. We appreciate all the messages and reminders he sent out during the year.

During the year our Society has enjoyed numerous presentations and workshops:
• Mrs Anne d’Oliveira – Presentation: Submitting Photographs for Grading and
Presentation: South African Winners from the PSA Youth
Showcase and the PSSA Up-and-Coming Youth Competition.
Presentation: Taking Matric Dance photos.
Workshop (Photo Shoot Assignment): School Architecture,
Windows, Portraiture and flowers/plants.
• Dr David Benn – Presentation: Photographic Trip to the Antarctic.
• Mrs Claire Scott – Nature and Wildlife Photography.
• Mr Mark Geldenhuys – Action Sport (mainly Rugby and Boxing.)
• Mr Schalk van Niekerk – Editing, enhancing and printing cellphone photographs.

The year culminated with the 2016 Photographic Society Awards being presented by Mrs Anne d’Oliveira and so ends the 77th year of the King Edward VII Photographic Society.


April workshop with Mrs Anne d’Oliveira – improving skills and work behind the lens.


Photographic Society- Term 2 round-up of activities.

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