Photographic Society


The boys submit photos each term which are judged in their star level. (Awarded a bronze, silver, gold or a certificate of merit). Mrs Anne d’Oliveira, President of the Camera Club of Johannesburg and Vice President of the Photographic Society of South Africa then gives comments on photos judged and suggests ways in which the photographer can improve the image. This is reported back to the members at our Photographic Society meetings, where the images are projected.

Star Rating Criteria
ONE STAR: 1)   Exposure    2)   Focus    3)   No obtrusive elements
TWO STAR: All for 1 Star plus    1)   An element of composition   2)  Background must contribute   3)   A focal point
THREE STAR: All for 2 Star plus    1)   Stricter composition   2)  Understanding of use of light and colour
FOUR STAR: All for 3 Star plus    1)   Striking image – strong composition, good colour saturation   2)   Image must have an element of story-telling and/or convey a message
FIVE STAR: All for 4 Star plus    1)   Images should show creativity, imagination, good use of lighting, excellent colour saturation and have some impact


5 Star – Rave Wraith – Rahul Parbhoo

4 star – Dandelion – Jake Pritz

4 Star – A Heavenly Place – Khwezi Khumalo

3 Star – A Cloudy Day – Jamie Rowney

2 Star – Tradition – Ethan Holiday

2 Star – Ashes to ashes – Ernst Marais


Photographic Society Awards 2019

Photographic Society Awards 2019 Photograph of the year - R Parbhoo   Best Panel of School Photographs - C Lindes   PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa) - Certificate of Excellence: L-R: R Parbhoo (with...

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