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Finger-Spin MasterClass

We had an extremely successful and very productive ‘Finger-Spin Master Class’ on Monday 17 February 2020, and the 2-&-a-half-hours that Richard das Neves spent with the 12 identified young spinners was most informative & highly professional.
The boys will have learned an incredible amount about this particular art of the game and hopefully only the start of such specialist skills sessions!
The class started with a ‘classroom’ session before moving into the nets. This covered alltheoretical and tactical aspects of off-spin bowling;  e.g. correct grip, action/technique & different deliveries (‘off- & top-spinner, arm-ball, ‘doosra’ ), variations and use of crease, flight, bounce, change of pace, bowling over and round the wicket (creating angles), planning an over and developing a strategy, bowling to right- and left-handed batsmen (angle of approach), creating pressure, field-placings for attack and defend (early innings and at death), coping with sloggers, etc.