Newsletter December 2018

Dear King Edward VII School Community

2018 has been another most rewarding, if not at times, an extremely challenging year.

The environment within the country has not always been very positive with the plethora of Commissions, constant reports of maladministration, charges of corruption levelled at people who have been entrusted with running our country or municipalities, load shedding and the continued struggle to recognize all members of society as equals.

Despite this, the School has had a bumper year and a great deal has been achieved by the boys. Many goals have been achieved, some have been missed (but not through lack of effort) and new goals have been set for 2019.

In the new year we are going to launch the concept of an Honour Code for all our boys to sign. The Honour Code will cover aspects of how we expect our boys to conduct themselves, how we interact with others and what the meaning of respect and inclusivity is, as well as highlighting the need for mutual respect and acceptance. The honour code will encompass some of the following qualities:

Academic honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, fairness and integrity.

An honour code is something that people follow to improve themselves and the people around them. It allows them to become better people and help their neighbours. This is such an important quality, especially today. To have an honour code is not to just say the words and that’s it.   It means that you understand what the words mean and follow the message in the code every day.

At a recent Gauteng Boys’ Schools Headmasters’ meeting, all the Heads affirmed their commitment to fostering the concept of “Manliness” and of Leadership as stated:

Our focus is on fostering in our young men a revised concept of leadership and of ‘Manliness’ – founded upon respect for others, authenticity, empathy, compassion, courage, selfhood and resilience, and acknowledging the need to speak out when one’s values are compromised. It is Values-Based Moral Leadership which will ensure we grow good husbands, good sons, good fathers and good brothers, who will make a difference in their school and in their society.

We believe that by establishing this Honour Code and focusing on Manliness we will continue to produce young men of integrity who will make a positive contribution to our ever-evolving society.

The Matric Class of 2018 covered themselves with great distinction this year.  My heartfelt thank you to the Head of School, Keane Morse, for his unfailing leadership and guidance offered.

The Matric results will be available from 9am to 11am on Friday, 4 January 2019.

The following new Staff join the team at the start of 2019:

Mr Luciano Adriaanse             –           Social Sciences, Life Orientation and Technology

Mr Simon Bosman                  –           English

Mr Paul Galbraith                   –           School Psychologist

Mr Chris Tomsek                     –           Geography, Mathematics, Social Studies


The new staff bring a great deal of passion and expertise and I wish them a long and happy career at King Edward VII School.

Because of some current staff leaving, there are a few changes to the House Teams for 2019.  Please refer to the table below.  My congratulations go to Mrs Megan Friedland who takes over the academic leadership of Crofts House.







      Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
ANDERSON Neethling Wadee Von Hoesslin(AHL) Murray Bremner Prideaux-Brune W Pretorius
CROFTS Da Mata Friedland Dedlow


Visser C Bosman Jackson Radebe
DAVIS Khanye Koekemoer C Fielding (AHL) Miss de Wet J Scouler Van Straten Van Niekerk
GRIMMER Thompson Mahlangu M Thorne


Van Vollenhoven Thops Tomsek Boshoff
HILL Gordon Asvat Marvell (AHL) Bain Venn Van der Merwe van Rooyen S Pretorius
HOFMEYR Kyte L Naidoo Adriaanse Magubane  



Dunne (AHL) Kiewitz
ROBINSON Chopamba Ferreira Els H Hansen Jones Crossley (AHL) Engelbrecht
SCHOOL D De Wet Claro Van Rensburg (AHL) Mrs Hammond Dale  



Van Staden


Congratulations to the following boys who will represent Gauteng at the National Cricket and Water Polo tournaments:

 Provincial Cricket Players 2019

 Bryce Parsons                    –               Central Gauteng Lions U/19A

Obakeng Maila                  –               Central Gauteng Lions U/19A

Callum Broodryk               –               Central Gauteng Lions U/19B

Saeed Kirsten                   –               Central Gauteng Lions U/19B

Heinrich Pieterse             –               Central Gauteng Lions U/17A

Jason Bracher                    –               Central Gauteng Lions U/17A

Michael Copeland            –               Central Gauteng Lions U/17A

Zack Momberg                  –               Central Gauteng Lions U/15A

Liam Alder                        –               Central Gauteng Lions U/15A

Gareth Lonie                      –               Central Gauteng Lions U/15B

Ethan MacMaster           –               Central Gauteng Lions U/15B

 Provincial Water Polo Players 2019

 U14 – Makhaya Tshidzumba Central Gauteng A

Emmanuel Phoshoko Gauteng B

U15 – James Parker Gauteng B

Tieago Correria Eastern Gauteng

U16 – Maxim Johnson Gauteng A

Ethan Martin Gauteng A

Zack Segell Gauteng B

Brent Rowe Gauteng B

Kieren Duminy Gauteng B

Dean Combrink Gauteng B

Yann Mbella Gauteng B

U18 – Muhammed Rawat Gauteng A

Jared Germond Gauteng B


As we head off on our holidays, I wish to bring the following annual reminders to your attention:

  • That all boys (and parents) commit to attend School on time for the entire year. In addition, we all stick to the School Calendar and do not take any uncalled-for time off school.  If parents need a weekend away or a mid-week break, do not include the kids!
  • That we all commit to the School’s Code of Conduct, that we wear our School uniform with a great deal of pride and stick to all the rules related to our appearance;
  • That we will honour each other with mutual respect and celebrate our unique differences;
  • That we will all commit to acting in the interests of our young men of King Edward VII School and work as a collective to ensure he achieves his very best!

I believe that if we adhere to these 4 points we will have a great 2019.

School Calendar 2019: Common for all 9 Provinces

 Term  Duration  No. of weeks  No. of days  Public holidays  No. school days
 1  (07) 09 January – 15 March  10  48 (50)  0  48 (50)
 2  02 April – 14 June  11  54  3 + 0  51
 3  09 July – 20 September  11  54  1 + 0 53
 4  01 October – 04 (06) December  10  47 (49)  0  47 (49)
 TOTAL  42  203 (207)  4 + 0  199 (203)

Public Holidays 2019:

 01 January  New Year’s Day  01 May  Workers’ Day  23 September  School Holiday
 21 March  Human Rights Day  16 June  Youth Day  24 September Heritage Day
 19 April  Good Friday  17 June  Public Holiday  16 December Day of Reconciliation
 22 April  Family Day  09 August  Women’s Day  25 December  Christmas Day
 27 April  Freedom Day  26 December  Day of Goodwill





(Mr Visser to coordinate)

08h00 – 09h00            Grade 8 learners to meet in the Hall for Class and House Group allocation.

09h00 – 10h00            New Grade 9 – 12 and Grade 8 learners to report to the Hall for presentations by Masters in Charge of Sport, Culture, First Aid Societies, Clubs and Academics.

10h00 – 11h00             Tours of the School – Grade 8 learners with Prefects; Grade 9 – 12 learners with Mr Visser

11h00 – 11h30            Break

11h30 – 12h30            Meeting for all new learners in the Hall – to be addressed by Mr Lovatt and Mr Visser.


12h30 – 13h00            Grade 9 – 12 New Learners DAY and BOARDING to go home.

Grade 8 New Boarders report for lunch.

13h00 – 14h30            All Grade 8 learners to report for summer sports practices.  Mr Marx to                                         co-ordinate.

17h30 – 18h00            Grade 9 – 12 New Boarders report to Boarding. Mr Marx, Mr Ridley to co-ordinate.


08h00 – 09h30               Grade 9 – 12 to meet on the Hugh Wilson Square; Grade 8’s to go the Hall for call over, academic class period and administration.

Learners to work in Academic classes for the first week.

09h30 – 10h30               House meetings

  • Anderson Stands next to Hockey Astro
  • Crofts Geography Block Quad
  • Grimmer Main Quadrangle (Hall)
  • Hofmeyr Faber Quadrangle
  • Robinson Auditorium
  • Davis Library Steps
  • Hill Science Quadrangle
  • School Main Quadrangle

10h30 – 10h50               Break

10h50 – 11h10               Period 5 – Grade 8 Orientation until Assembly at 12h10

11h10 – 11h30               Period 6

11h30 – 11h50               Period 7        Matrics to go to the Hall.

11h50 – 12h10               Period 8        Rest of the School to follow Periods 7 & 8

12h10                             Meet in the Quadrangle to be seated in the Hall for Assembly.  Prefects to                                 assist.


07h40 – 07h55               Assembly in the Quadrangle

07h55 – 08h20               House Meetings

08h20 – 08h55               Academic class period

08h55                             Adjusted periods 2 – 4 (Grade 8 Orientation for the rest of the day).



07h40                             Assembly in the Hall

Academic class period.

Adjusted timetable for the rest of the day.

Grade 8 Orientation for the rest of the day.


New Parents Welcome will be held on Monday, 28 January 2018, in the School Hall from 18h00 to 19h00.


I trust that you all have a wonderful holiday and that 2019 will bring great joy, peace and prosperity!


Yours sincerely

D C P Lovatt