Newsletter June 2019

June 2019

Dear Parents and King Edward VII School Community,

Once again, Term 2 at King Edward VII School has proved to be extremely busy and rewarding across the wide range of activities all of which have been well documented via our various communication platforms during the course of the Term.

The support of our community has been tremendous, as the young men have committed themselves to their tasks with great passion and commitment. This has resulted in several outstanding achievements, as well as the fair share of disappointments. Whether they have achieved success or just missed their lofty goals, the boys have learned a great deal, grown immeasurably and most importantly remained humble in their approach.

The staff must also be complimented for their undying support of our young men. The selfless commitment and many hours spent away from their own families can only be admired. I hope that the boys and parents acknowledge our staff and thank them for going well beyond the ‘call of duty’.

The boys have just finished their mid-year examinations. Their papers will be reviewed at the start of the new term and the electronic reports will be made available on Friday, 19 July 2019.

During the holidays, various Provincial sports tournaments will take place. The following boys have been selected to represent Gauteng:

Hockey Provincial Players:


  • Crispin McKenzie
  • Keagan Robertson
  • Reece Govender


  • Luke Campbell
  • Ryan Cant
  • Letihogonolo Sefike
  • Deeran Baba
  • Jordan Probert


  • Liam Finlay
  • Timothy Statham
  • Keegan Figueira
  • Gerard Klein
  • Thabo Masemola


  • Legae Mogapi
  • Wandre van den Berg


  • Leabua Khomari
  • Kyle O’Connor
  • Conor Coker
  • Leon Nhlapo
  • Heath Jacobs
  • Keegan Rea
  • Joshua Janse Van Rensburg


  • Dorian Ross


  • Kea Seome


  • Dimitri Despotakis
  • Onkgopotse Masike
  • Miquile Haripersad


  • Stephen Gunn
  • Mduduzi Xulu
  • Athenkosi Moferi
  • Benjamin Van Den berg

U14 Team Gauteng

  • Hanro Olivier
  • James Erasmus

Rugby Provincial Players:

U18 Craven Week

  • Connor van Buuren
  • Joseph Eye
  • Ngia Selengbe
  • Joshua Nkomo

U18 Craven Week XV

  • Eulon Redcliffe
  • Sabastian Motsage
  • Prince Mulea

U18 Academy Week

  • Joshua Ruthel
  • Vuyo Mdlalose

U16 Grant Khomo

  • Kelly Mpeku
  • Cole Knight
  • Bronson Mills
  • Katlego Letebele

U16 Academy

  • Lerato Manyana

Squash Provincial Players:


  • Joshua van der Wath
  • Nathanael Ndebele


  • Muzi Buthelezi

In conclusion, may I please draw Parents’ attention to the following:

  1. Please ensure that your son’s uniform is looked at and where necessary reparations are made, and dry cleaning of blazers is undertaken. Please also check your son’s grey trousers and ensure that they are not tapered or turned into ‘skinny fit’. Also, a number of boys have grown a few inches since the start of the year, so the necessary lengthening of trousers needs to take place.
  2. That boys’ return to School with a neat School regulation haircut as described in our Code of Conduct.
  3. Please be advised that no e-cigarettes, vapes or other such devices are allowed at School. No smoking (in any of its various forms) is acceptable at School. We will exercise the full extent of our powers if a boy is caught at School. I would urge parents to actively dissuade their sons from taking up any of these, obvious medically detrimental habits.
  4. Contrary to popular belief the purchase of and/or consumption of ‘dagga’/marijuana is still illegal – particularly when it comes to School and our Boarding Houses. With the recent media coverage of the decriminalisation of this substance in private and the marketing of it as some ‘wonder drug’, there seems to be a growing popularity of the substance amongst society. I subscribe, to the well documented philosophy, that it is a gateway drug and that it’s known side effects are extremely detrimental to one’s health. I am not referring to the medical use, as prescribed by a registered physician!

We have, like most schools, had our fair share of incidents at School or felt the aftermath of the use of this drug at social engagements over the weekends. Please take note that we will not accept the use, distribution or transmission of this substance at School. We will adopt a zero tolerance when it comes to School and Boarding and recommend expulsion when and where necessary. We are very open to assisting and guiding any of our young men in the event that they have found themselves using. The School Psychologist will assist any of these boys and recommend the necessary medical intervention.

Please take note of the following important dates:

  • Start of Term 3 – Tuesday, 9 July 2019 (Boarders to return by 8pm callover on Monday, 8 July)
  • Reports – Friday, 19 July 2019
  • Maritzburg College weekend (Hosting required) – Friday, 26 July 2019
  • Prelim Exams start – Monday, 19 August 2019
  • Grade 8 to Grade 11, Paper 3 Exams – Afrikaans / isiZulu – 17 September 20
  • Grade 8 to Grade 11, Paper 3 Exams – English – 19 September 2019

I trust that the mid-year holidays are enjoyed by all. Use the time to recharge and reconnect with your loved ones.