Public Speaking


Public Speaking takes place throughout the year. During term 1 the learners are involved in league events and any other friendly competitions that can be organised. Practices are organised around other activities and boys involved need to liaise closely with the relevant co-ordinators of each grade. The timetable is set by the Speech and Drama Guild of South Africa who are also responsible for adjudicating the events. In 2015 the Grade 12 speakers had an exceptionally successful year achieving A+ symbols in all four of their events!

Term 3 hosts the fun-filled Just-a-Minute competition which has grown in popularity over the past few years. This is then followed by the more challenging and competitive Junior and Senior Best Speaker events. These two events are organised on an Inter-House basis allowing for wider participation in preliminary rounds. The top ten best speakers then compete in the final rounds. The extension of participation in these events has resulted in the production of a number of extremely confident speakers who share their thoughts readily.

During term 4 the Inter-House Team Public Speaking events are held in order to prepare for selection for the league events that take place from early in Term 1 of the next year.

We are very proud of the growth and development in this area of the Cultural activities offered at school and look forward to extending involvement further. It should also be noted that many of the boys who have achieved Summa Cum Laude over the past few years have been Public Speakers.


Educator in charge: Ms. L. Koekemoer

1. ATKV Olympiad – There is a Senior and Junior Olympiad. Takes place during the second and third term. Dates to be confirmed.

2. ATKV Spelathon – Spelling competition for Grade 8 – 10 learners. A maximum of two learners per grade are entered. Learners receive a list of words they need to be able to spell. Bradley Bosch, Grade 11, has been in the Top 3 in South Africa for the last 3 years.

3. Kempkuns Eisteddfod – Various categories such as poetry, monologue, music, creative writing, storytelling etc. Learners pay per entry. Coached by Mrs Ferreira and Ms Koekemoer

4. Afrikaans Public Speaking – Inter House public speaking competition. Mrs van Jaarsveldt is in charge of this. Takes place during the second term.

2016 Inter House Winners:

Senior Winner– Bradley Bosch
Junior Winner– Franco du Plessis


Senior Inter-House Public Speaking Team competition results

Senior Inter-House Public Speaking Team competition results   The Senior Inter-House Public Speaking event took place on Thursday evening and the boys delivered some interesting responses to the prefix “com”. It was, once...

Public Speaking Festival – Heritage Day

On Monday 23rd September, Nicholas Miot and Jonathan Bekker took part in the Heritage Day Public Speaking Festival at St Johns College. Both boys received high praise for their efforts with Nicholas Miot...

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