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Red Achievement: The Motul Roof of Africa Race

Red Achievement: Grade 12 Learner, Ryan Sequeira, completed the The Motul Roof of Africa Race in Lesotho and finished 9th overall in the Bronze Class!
Many of the riders spent hours riding in severe thunderstorms this year and many did not finish the race! What an achievement Ryan – 9th out of 159 entries and only 66 of those managed to finish the race!
This race is held annually in Lesotho and riders travel from all over the world to participate in this 3 day event.
Day 1 consisted of a very exciting around the houses race and time trial (56km) to give them their starting positions for Day 2. Day 2 participants rode approximately 134km and a further 96km on Day 3, taking the riders anything from 6 hours to 14 hours a day!
We wish Ryan the best of luck in pursuing his passion!