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Admission for 2022

Admissions for 2022 for boys currently in Grade 7 are now open.

Please complete the “Expression of Interest” form here. 

Once submitted, The Admissions Director, Mr Deon Visser will write back to you with further application information.

Please note that this expression of interest is not in itself an application. Admissions for grade 8 in 2022 will be done through the GDE Admissions website on from April 2021. This system is now closed so please don’t access it yet. Please keep an eye on this page  for further info on application dates.



Please note that this expression of interest is not in itself an application.

Complete Form Here

Once submitted, The Admissions Director, Mr Deon Visser will write back to you with further application information.


Academic Scholarship Exams for 2022: Due to Covid-19 the exams for 2022  have been postponed indefinitely. We will advise once a new date has been confirmed.

Criteria: Academic Scholarship Exams are written annually on the 2nd Saturday in February for boys in grade 7 who achieved an overall aggregate of 85% or higher at the end of their Grade 6 year.

Learners who qualify must email their year-end grade 6 report to Mrs Sue Maharaj on

Examinations consist of a Mathematics, Natural Science and English paper based on the Grade 6 syllabus. Qualifying candidates will be advised of examination arrangements once a date has been confirmed.

  • Major Open Scholarship – Academic: Up to 75% of Tuition Fees
  • Minor Open Scholarship – Academic: Up to 50% of Tuition Fees
  • School Open Scholarship – Academic: Up to 25% of Tuition Fees


Sport Scholarships for 2022:

King Edward VII School offers a range of merit-based sport scholarships for boys of outstanding ability.

Apply for a sports scholarship here

Criteria: The following sporting codes are considered for Sporting Scholarships:

  • Cricket, Water Polo, Swimming, Rugby, Hockey, Athletics, Cross Country, Tennis, Golf, Squash, Rowing.
  • The highest level of representation in one or more sports
  • A cross section of sport played
  • Level of commitment to sport
  • Sportsmanship

Qualifying candidates will be advised by end of February in their Grade 7 year if they have been short listed to attend an assessment. Final sporting scholarships are awarded by end of April or later should any scholarship offers be declined.



  • Major Open Scholarship – Sport: Up to 75% of Tuition Fees
  • Minor Open Scholarship – Sport: Up to 50% of Tuition Fees
  • School Open Scholarship – Sport: Up to 25% of Tuition Fees


All Rounder Scholarships for 2022:

Boys with excellent Academic, Sporting and Leadership prowess taking in account the above mentioned criteria are invited to complete the below link:

Apply for an all rounder scholarship here

  • Major Open Scholarship – All-Rounder: Up to 75% of Tuition Fees
  • Minor Open Scholarship – All-Rounder: Up to 50% of Tuition Fees
  • School Open Scholarship – All-Rounder: Up to 25% of Tuition Fee


Each matric learner is given a letter detailing the bursary criteria. The onus is on the learner / parent to submit an application (which includes a financial statement). Recipients are notified by post (i.e. there is no official announcement).



The Gauteng Department of Education has set out an Admission Policy for all State schools in the province. King Edward VII School takes note of this Policy, as established in Circular 80/1999. The School also takes note of the fact that, as yet, no Policy has been established for admissions to schools with boarding facilities. Furthermore, the zoning areas of State schools have not yet been established.

King Edward VII School is a School that concentrates on preparation of learners for an academic tertiary education – i.e. Universities, Technikons. The School recognises the educational need to differentiate in the education of learners, depending on what career paths are envisaged. The School thus reserves the right to advise parents on the most suitable education for their children, taking into account ability, interest, etc. as well as practical issues such as distance from home to the most suitable school.

1. Policy
Information on application forms, Scholarships and Bursaries and details of Open Days are available on the website each year.

2. Application process with info as follows:
All parents applying for a space in grade 8 needed to do so via the GDE Admissions Webpage on (2021 dates TBC)
Once parents have successfully registered and applied through the GDE, parents need to submit the required documentation to the School as part of the admissions process.

2.1 Application forms are to be accompanied by:

  • Latest school report
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Proof of residence or place of work in the area (utility bill, lease agreement, proof of rent)
  • Copy of parent/legal guardian Identity document

3. Preference
Consideration will be given to learners whose parents live or work in “the area” as well as Learners who have brothers already in the School, sons of staff members and Old Boys of the School as well as grade 7 Learners from our Preparatory School, King Edward VII Preparatory School. Consideration will also be given to the Learners who are placed at the School by various NGO’s and School Support Programmes on Bursaries / Scholarships for either Academic or Extra-mural prowess as part of their BEE and community outreach programmes. We also accept a number of learners each year who are part of the Student Sponsorship Programme.
The School also has boarding facilities. It is imperative to fill the Boarding establishments: +- 80 Grade 8 places each year to guarantee financial viability.

4. Feeder Schools
“Feeder Schools” will be visited by King Edward staff during the year in order to inform primary school staff and pupils about the application procedure. Schools not visited will receive all the necessary information by post. This information will include application forms, information sheets, Scholarship and Bursary application forms, details about our Open Day, promotion posters and a School Magazine.

5. Registration months

6. Application status
Pupils applying to enrol at the School for Grade 8 will be informed via the GDE from the end of July. Please check your online application status on the GDE website.

7. Receipt of application
Receipt of applications will be given at the point of documentation submission.

8. Scholarships and Bursaries

To apply for a Sport Bursary / Scholarship please email a sport CV to Deon Visser, Director of Admissions at

9. On acceptance
A non refundable deposit and development levy are payable immediately once a learner’s admission to the school is confirmed. Separate deposits apply for each of tuition and boarding. Deposits are offset against fees for the ensuing year.

10. Boarding
Boarding for 2022 applications still open.

Please complete the “Expression of Interest” form here.