Governing Body


The governance of the School is vested in the Governing Body pursuant to the South African Schools Act No.84 of 1996.The Governing Body stands in a position of trust towards the School.

The professional management of the School is undertaken by the Headmaster under the authority of the Head of the Department. The Governing Body supports the Headmaster, educators and other members of staff in the performance of their professional services.

Membership of the Governing Body comprises:

  • 9 elected parent members
  • the Headmaster
  • 3 elected educator members
  • 1 elected non-educator member of staff
  • 3 members of the Representative Council of Learners
  • a number of co-opted members of the community

The term of office of the Governing Body is 3 years save for its learner members who are elected on an annual basis . The Governing Body elects its chairman, treasurer and a secretary from amongst its members on an annual basis. Only a parent member of the Governing Body who is not employed at the School may serve as the chairman.

The Governing Body has an executive committee, a finance committee and a boarding house committee. The committees are chaired by a member of the Governing Body and persons who are not members of the Governing Body are appointed to such committees on the grounds of their expertise.

The Governing Body prepares a budget showing the estimated income and expenditure of the School for the following year and tables the budget at a general meeting of parents for consideration and approval. The charging of school fees. the amount of fees to be charged and any exemption criteria in respect of school fees are approved by the general meeting of parents and implemented by the Governing Body. The financial affairs of the School are controlled and administered by the Governing Body in accordance to the South African Schools Act and audited on an annual basis. The financial year of the School commences on the first day of January and ends on the last day of December of each year.

The Governing Body of the School functions in terms of a Constitution that provides for:

  • a meeting at least once every school term
  • an annual general meeting with parents,educators and learners
  • rendering of an annual report on its activities to parents,educators and learners

The Governing Body promotes the best interests of the School and strives to ensure its development through the provision of quality education for all learners of the School. The School’s property, buildings( including the boarding houses) and grounds are administered, maintained and controlled by the Governing Body.

The extra-mural curriculum of the School and the choice of subject options in terms of provincial curriculum is determined by the Governing Body under the guidance and direction of the Headmaster.

The Governing Body has adopted a Code of Conduct for the learners of the School and at the request of the Headmaster will convene a disciplinary enquiry for allegations of misconduct and serious misconduct in respect of a learner.