Mission statement


We will strive to nurture our pupils
To help them to develop to the best
Of their ability, and to guide
Their growing minds towards
High ideals as they take
Charge of their own lives

In pursuit of this mission we shall endeavour

To draw our School body from all quarters of Society
To build for the future of our School and country on the best traditions of the past
To encourage academic achievement
To attain excellence and balance in the academic, sporting and cultural aspects of School life
To develop

  • enquiring minds
  • sound moral values
  • moral courage
  • a social conscience
  • a political awareness
  • respect for the rights and dignity of others
  • a sense of responsibility for the world we live in
  • self -respect, self-confidence, self-discipline and humility

To create a sense of community among teachers, parents and pupils and to foster an enjoyment of the School in this community.