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Please support the King Edward VII School Shop

The School Shop is situated in the school building, at the bottom of the South East Stairwell.

Contact us on  /  or or phone 011 551 5800

The School Shop sells all the relevant  KES and KEPS Clothing, throughout the year.  These items conform to school /sport stipulations.  Any new item introduced during the year will be available in the Shop as soon as possible.



Parents and Boys : Monday to Friday – After school to 15h00                                                

Boys only: Break Times                                                    


Please access the Shop from the tarmac adjacent to the Astro turf and not through reception or the Remembrance (rose) garden.

Shop is open some Saturdays for big home rugby games – please check the communicator for dates.

STATIONERY Compulsory packs and payments  -KES Shop ONLY
Gr 8 ·         Gr 8  Stationery pack Payments and collection from Nov to Jan
·         Art pack (KES workbooks will be handed to boy as proof of payment.) It must be shown to teacher so learner can access art supplies in class.
·         Siyavula Maths Study Programme. List of payments received with be give to teacher to provide access codes for computer programme.
Gr 9 ·         Gr 9 Stationery pack Payments and collection from Nov to Jan
·         Art pack (KES workbooks will be handed to boy as proof of payment.) It must be shown to teacher so learner can access art supplies in class.
·         Siyavula Maths Study Programme. List of payments received with be give to teacher to provide access codes for computers programme.
Gr 10 ·         Art pack.  This pack includes a levy for art supplies used in class. Payments – Nov onwards
·         EGD packs will be collected in January with the teacher. Collection – Jan
Gr 11 ·         Art – Levy for supplies used in class including cost for sculpture project. Payments November onwards
·         Funds to be deposited in pre-paid account for items needed but not supplied in class
Gr 12 ·         Art – Levy for supplies used in class. Payments November onwards
·         Funds to be deposited in pre-paid account for items needed but not supplied in class
The Shop is not authorized to give credit under any circumstances. All purchases must be paid in full at time of purchase.
Over the counter transactions – cash and credit or debit card only. We do not accept Diners / American Express cards.  We do not have a Snap scan facility.
Please do not make bank cash deposits as the Shop incurs high charges for these transactions.
Pre-Paid accounts:  Shop runs pre-paid accounts for all new boys. Funds in Shop accounts can be used throughout the year for shop purchases only.  Cash withdrawals are not allowed.
Top- up payments – either in the shop or by EFT. School shop does not have immediate access to the KESShop bank account so it is essential that proof of payment is emailed to  : 
 Banking Details: School Shop Account: Standard Bank
Killarney 00 72 05  (automatic eft  code 051001)
Ref :  SS Learners name or A/c code if known A/c 402 269 500
PLEASE ENSURE YOU USE THIS BANK ACCOUNT ONLY. Payments into other School Accounts may take up to 10 working days to transfer and be available for purchases.
The shop does not accept any orders from KES learners/parents – Purchases must be made in the shop.
There is a KEPS clothing order system in place. Forms are available on the KEPS communicator – please see below for information.  Orders for clothing only.
CLOTHING:    New uniform and blazers must be fitted in the shop.
KES – Over the counter sales only. No emailed orders.
KEPS – Initial purchases must be done in the Shop. Thereafter, (from 21st Jan) once sizes have been assessed, clothing may be ordered (emailed  order with proof of payment). Forms and information are on the KEPS communicator.  Items will be delivered to KEPS within 48 hours.  The onus is on the parent to stipulate sizing and should the item not fit then it must be brought to the shop to be exchanged.
STATIONERY :  – KES Stationery only –     School shop does not stock KEPS stationery.
Shop will stock compulsory packs / calculators and PVC book covers.
Maths study programme payments can only be paid to KES Shop.
There will be a limited supply of general stationery available in the shop during November and beginning January.
After 20th January a small range of essential items will be available.
Stationery orders: Stationery – grade 10-12 can be ordered from the KES appointed stationery supplier School Zone Express .  Information can be accessed on
KES Stationery requirement lists  gr 8 to 12, will be made available during October.
TEXTBOOKS The KES appointed book agent is Amanda Johnson & Co. Notification will be on the communicator once the book lists are finalised.  Information can be accessed on
The School Shop does NOT sell new textbooks but may have some second hand textbooks. These can only be purchased in the Shop over the counter.  Please do not phone to enquire about second hand books.  New text books should be ordered from Amanda Johnson & Co.
Items stocked by the School Shop
·         All School uniform items excluding footwear and sports equipment.
·         KES towels – compulsory for aquatic teams ( swimming and water polo)
·         Miscellaneous items: eg- Eddy Teddy (all grade 8 boys should carry a pocket teddy.) Sports tape,  KES gym towel.  Small range of boarder items – toiletries etc.
·         Parent / Supporter items : Fleece blankets, supporter scarves,  jackets and caps, KES  Cushions etc
KES UNIFORM LIST                The full School uniform must be worn to School and to all School functions.
Green Blazer House badge (button) pinned on lapel of blazer Long grey flannels, not tapered and no turn ups
School Tie Belt – Grey or Black Plain black lace-up  school shoes
Grey socks  (not black) – anklets ONLY.  NO long socks White shirts, plain, long sleeves (no button down collars)
The following uniform/sport items, when worn, must be regulation school items
 KES sports clothing  and KES Tracksuits School Jerseys and School Scarves. Bottle green or Black gloves
Physical Education –  KES Emblem shorts or White rugby shorts   and KES T shirt ( printed Emblem) – red/white combination
Rugby – White rugby shorts. Rugby Jerseys – Striped (Matches )   Compulsory  Green (Practice)
KES Casual wear  –  T-shirts, golf shirts, shorts, caps and fleecy sweat shirts.
KES togbag or aquatic bag , and KES towel, are compulsory for Swimmers and Waterpolo players.
Shop stocks specialised gum guards for rugby and waterpolo
 General school wear ( socks/ trousers etc) can also be  purchased from general stores.
Some School items (Blazers /Ties /Tracksuits etc ) are available at Mc Cullough & Bothwell (Sacred Heart College) and Squires (Yeoville)
The Shop DOES NOT sell Shoes or sport equipment .                                                                                                              Learners are advised to purchase KES match kit once selected for a team.
The Shop also stocks a small quantity of good quality second hand clothing items.
Uniform Recommendation Quantity (minimum) recommended for day boy Quantity (minimum) recommended for boarders
Daily uniform
KES blazer   and house button 1 1
grey school trousers 2 3
grey or black belt 1 1
white long sleeve school shirts 3 6
KES tie 2 3
grey ankle socks 3 6
lace up black shoes 1 1
KES jersey (optional) 1 1
KES sleeveless pullover (optional) 1 1
KES scarf 1 1
gloves – green / black 1 1
Sport and afternoon wear – whilst at school KES items must be worn at all times.
Boarders must only wear KES clothing – NO CIVVIES  – although plain rugby shorts are allowed
Tee shirts short sleeve red/white with School badge 3 6
Long sleeve T Shirts – winter 3 6
Shorts – red/white KES shorts or white rugby shorts 3 6
KES tracksuit 1 1
KES track suit pants (extra) 1
KES cap for sport  and casual 1 1
sports bag – large or small 1 2
raincoat – plain red 1 1
KES red fleecy top  – winter 1



Parents can open a pre-paid account at the school shop for the boys to use – school shop items only – no cash will be handed to boys unless communication from parent requests it.

The account has a PIN so other boys cannot access money in the accounts.


King Edwards School Shop
Standard Bank
Killarney 007205
A/c 40 226 9500

Reference SS surname item eg. SS Smith Clothing

All payments to be emailed to

Items will not be issued to boys until proof of payment has been received.
Kindly note that cheques will no longer be accepted for any school shop purchases.



King Edward VII  School Shop Clothing price list Jan-19
Item Price Price
Athletic jog shorts (scooped side ) R150-R165.00 Rainjacket R 420,00
Athletics- KES running shorts with emblem R 280,00 Rowing tri suit R590-600
Athletic vest R 130,00 Rowing vest (first team) R 110,00
B/ball / rowing socks R 80,00 Rowing regatta shirt ( Red Golf) R 280,00
Bag drawstring R 125,00 Rugby jersey ( practice) R240 – R250
Basher (straw)  for coloursmen/ prefects R 350,00 Rugby jersey (match) R580 – R630
Basher ribbon (school or colours) R 40,00 Scarf regular R 145,00
Basketball  match kit R 400,00 Scarf long R 155,00
Basketball shorts – practice R 130,00 Shirt  white long sleeves R120 – R140
Basketball jacket 1st team R 420,00 Shorts   (rugby) R120 – R130
Belt – black leather R100- R140 Shorts KES  red R 160,00
Blazer  – Colours R900-R1100.00 Shorts KES white R 180,00
Blazer – KES R580 – R650 Soccer first team practice T shirt R 160,00
Caps strenue  red R 80,00 Soccer top and shorts R 350,00
Cap – supporter R 100,00 Socks (cricket/rugby/soccer/Ist) R80 – R90
Crest big / small  (1st) R45 – R55 Socks grey R 35,00
Cricket cap R 230,00 Swimming bag drawstring R 125,00
Cricket pants long R310 – R320 Swimming costume R150 – R180
Cricket shirt practice R120 – R130 Swimming Cap R 60,00
Cricket shirt matches R280 – R300 Tee shirt KES (long sleeve) R 125,00
Cricket pants 1st team R 340,00 Tee shirt KES (short sleeve) R 105,00
Cricket shirt 1st team R 320,00 Tee-shirt  Firsts (long – crest) R 135,00
Cricket pullovers ( Firsts) R 400,00 Tee-shirt  Firsts (short – crest) R 125,00
Cricket pullovers R 240,00 Tennis shirt R 185,00
First team pocket and 4m braid R 115,00 Ties (school)  (colours/cultural) R 55,00
Fleecy sweat tops R 270,00 Tog Bag – KES – large R 300,00
Gloves R 50,00 Tog Bag – KES- small R 250,00
Golf Shirt / rowing shirt R 280,00 Towel ( KES or 1st team) aquatics R 200,00
Hockey match shirt R 200,00 Towel gym R 85,00
Hockey first match shirt R 305,00 Track suit pants R 250,00
House badge / pocket Teddy (mascot) R25/ R50 Track suit top R 380,00
Jersey  long(grey/white) R180 – R220 Trousers long grey   (regular / extra length R230 – R300
Jersey pullover (grey/white) R150 – R190 Waterpolo costume first team R 300,00
Lycra action shorts (red/white) R 150,00 Waterpolo costume  general R 250,00