Aquatics Centre

The exceptional generosity of a loyal old boy benefactor, has culminated in the recent commencement of a 12 month project, scheduled for completion in July 2020,  to create a `game changing` new Aquatics facility for both our Schools. In pursuit of further enhancing the look and feel of our campus, the new Aquatics Centre has been conceived with inputs from a number of professionals, and will embrace inter alia the following:

  • Lightning protection
  • Fully covered roofing, thus permitting usage throughout inclement weather conditions
  • Retention of the Heritage component of the old swimming pool complex
  • Aesthetically pleasing architecture, providing yet another dimension to our campus
  • 2 swimming pools, one of which will have  `learn to swim` lane functionality
  • Suitably appointed changerooms and new separate ablutions for all visitors
  • Multi purpose internal space to allow for a variety of usage options

The start of the aquatics season in September 2020 will preceded by the official opening of this magnificent addition to our amenities.

Progress Updates:

June 2020:

The Aquatics Centre project was recently reignited in terms of conditions relating to Public Works construction sites. Whilst there are extremely strict protocols in place, the building programme has been adapted in terms of critical paths, and it is heartening to see work-in-progress yet again.

Current focus is with the roofing programme, as well as preparation for the concrete pour for the 2nd pool. Fresh completion timelines will now apply, but the prevailing ideal weather conditions work very much in favour of the contractors. With much of the heavy engineering construction now completed, we will witness rapid completion of the smaller components of this magnificent facility.





January 2020:

2020 already showing off! Below is the birds eye view of King Edward VII School biggest project to date, the Aquatic Centre roof beams are on and its taking shape.


Imagery compliments of WCSE Design