High Performance Centre


The King Edward VII School High Performance Centre forms an integral part of the School’s Strength and Conditioning Program. The gym facility is for the betterment of our performance in the schools sporting program. It is not a commercial gym, nor is it a place for boys to hang out when they have nothing better to do. As such, please note the following changes to the way in which the gym will be managed in:

  • Learners who do not actively participate in the school’s sporting program WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO JOIN THE GYM. Any learner who misses a match or practice without good reason will have his gym membership suspended until such time as he plays his next fixture.
  • All learners wishing to become members of the gym from January 2012 onwards will require signed consent from their parents and must complete a physical activity readiness questionnaire (See indemnity form attached).
  • All learners using the King Edward VII School Gym will be regularly tested and issued age and development appropriate, sport specific training programs. BOYS MAY ONLY TRAIN USING KES APPROVED TRAINING PROGRAMS!! This facility is for the development of sporting potential, not body building.  Boys who refuse to follow appropriate programs will have their membership cancelled.
  • No learner may produce or distribute training programs to other gym users, particularly to younger boys. The writing of training programs is a specialized skill which requires study and a relevant qualification. All gym staff are qualified to assist in the production of training programs. It is irresponsible and dangerous for unqualified individuals to give training advice of any kind. Boys found distributing training programs or giving training advice will be suspended from the
    gym and face disciplinary action.
  • King Edward VII School Gym reserves the right to close the gym for general use when sports teams have scheduled gym training times. This will be done when it is in the best interests of the King Edward VII School Strength and Conditioning program. Coaches of teams who would like to book team training sessions must consult with Mr Liebenberg.  The use of training supplements is not encouraged in learners entering into the strength and conditioning program. Learners who have become high performance athletes may be advised to make use of supplements in cases where it has become necessary. In these cases the use of supplements will be preempted by discussion between Mr Liebenbeg and the learner’s parents. Ultimately, the inherent risk of supplement use is the learner’s, and the School and Gym Staff take no responsibility for any negative consequences.
  • The gym will be open during the following times ONLY!  Boys found inside the gym outside of the listed training times will have their membership immediately suspended.
 Morning  Afternoon
 Monday  05:30-06:30  14:00-17:00
 Tuesday  05:30-06:30  14:00-17:00
 Wednesday  05:30-06:30  14:00-17:00
 Thursday  05:30-06:30  14:00-17:00
 Friday  05:30-06:30  14:00-15:30




Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
05:30 – 06:30 General gym allocation (On request with Mr. Jared Meyer – We prefer boys sleep in and rest as much as possible during Winter)
14:00 – 14:45 General gym allocation


(Reds & U/16 recovery)

General gym allocation


(Reds gym)

General gym allocation General Gym allocation


(Reds gym)

General gym allocation
14:45 – 15:30
15:30 – 16:15 Gym closed


Upgrades include:

  1. Additional mezzanine level built for a state of the art ergo facility
  2. The high impact flooring installed for additional safety – they are specifically designed for weight dropping
  3. Additional and new storage area
  4. Further electronics and technology installed





Before purchasing a gym membership, please ensure that you understand all of the conditions listed above. These rules will be STRICTLY applied.

Term Membership: R 300.00
Year Membership: R 1000.00

Fees are as follows:
Option 1: R300 per term
Option 2: R1000 for yearly subscription

The bank details are same as school fees details. Reference to be used is: Surname and Initial(s) / “Gym”.
Acc Name: King Edward VII School t/a school fees
Acc no: 402269292
Bank: Std Bank
B/Code: 007205/ Killarney
Email proof to: kvanrensburg@kes.co.za and hliebenberg@kes.co.za

Cash and credit/debit card payments can be made at the finance office.

Boys will be expected to train in their sport squad time slot.
If boys are not in a sport squad they need to train in the general gym allocation slot (Monday – Friday @ 16:00 – 17:00).


At King Edward VII School we pride ourselves in being the best and striving for greatness.

Therefore we have taken the next step towards making sure your child is safe when it comes to supplementation usage. King Edward VII School has entered into a new sponsorship / agreement with USN Supplements to not only ensure safe supplementation for your child but also safe supplementation at a substantially reduced price.

For more information regarding supplementation for your child please contact Mr. Liebenberg at hliebenberg@kes.co.za. For more info regarding the products available please visit USN INFO WEBSITE

This offer is not only open to the boys but to the parents and staff as well.

Read More here:
KES Gymnasium Supplementation Order Process USN Products

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