In 1920, plans were prepared for the construction of a swimming bath in the school grounds, a borehole was sunk and the completed scheme was to form part of the School War memorial. Various difficulties arose and our War Memorial took another form. Seven years later the project was once again proposed and plans drawn up and a committee set up to raise funds as the school couldn’t look to the Government for any financial assistance as their policy regarded such things as Swimming Baths as outside the functions of the Government. The appeal for funds proved disappointing and the committee decided to abandon the principle of voluntary contribution and to establish a system of annual subscriptions and the bath to be open to subscribers only. The response to this was so good that the committee had no hesitation in proceeding with the scheme. Work on the pool began on 26 September 1927 and completed at a cost of £5 500.

On the 8 February 1928, the swimming pool was opened for use but due to some initial difficulties, the pool had to be closed before the end of term. The formal opening of the Swimming Pool was for various cogent reasons postponed.  The Swimming Pool was finally opened officially by Sir William Dairymple at The First Annual Swimming Gala held on 1st December 1928 at 3:30pm.

There had been no mention of the Inter-High School Competition until 1930. This event was held at Ellis Park on 8 March 1930 and it is with pride that we note that we won the competition on this occasion with 22 points.


Swimming is a popular activity amongst the boys at King Edward VII School. In an endeavor to keep pace with growing demands, facilities are regularly upgraded and improved to ensure that the school continues to be competitive in this field.

King Edward VII School has a fully equipped 25m X 25m heated pool with an additional 25m training pool.

Great spirit and camaraderie is witnessed amongst the learners during our Annual Inter-House Swimming Gala held during school hours every January. Great friendships are made and cemented between everyone around the poolside.
The School’s Championships is traditionally held in the evening during February each year. The swimmers endeavor to break school records. Congratulations to J Stigant who set a new record in the U15 50m Breaststroke when he swum the event in a time of 33.53 seconds this year. This particular record had been held by Garth Tune since 2004.

Swimmers also compete for a number of trophies that have been donated over the years at the School Swimming Championships.

There are two main annual Swimming Events. The Inter-High Swimming Gala which takes place in Johannesburg between predominantly Johannesburg Schools and The Alan Burt Ten Schools’ Gala in which five Johannesburg Schools and five schools from Natal compete. Every alternate year, our swimmers tour to Durban to take part in The Ten Schools’ Gala and it is on these occasions that they also participate in the Midmar Mile.


Winners of Trophies in 2019 

Stuart 200m Championship Freestyle Trophy

R Pleass

Harcourt Cooke 100m Breaststroke Championship Trophy

R Pleass

Donaldson Family 400m Championship Trophy

R Pleass

Dr A du Bos 100m Freestyle Championship Trophy

R Pleass

Dick Alexander 100m Open Backstroke Trophy

R Pleass

Doble Hoffman 200m Breaststroke Championship Trophy

R Pleass

Eric E Heilbronner 100m Butterfly Championship Trophy

R Pleass

John D Wilson Open Individual Medley Championship Trophy

R Pleass

Mrs A Canning 200m Backstroke Championship Trophy

R Pleass

Janet Kyte U14 Championship Trophy

Z Johnson

Wilna Groenewald U15 Championship Trophy

E Ruhfus

C R Bluett Junior Championship Trophy

M Gallino

Marchant U17 Championship Trophy

M Johnson

Old Edwardian Senior Championship Trophy

R Pleass

An outstanding achievement by Ronan Pleass. Ronan won every Trophy that he was eligible for. This was last accomplished in 2013 by Robin Raven.


Swimming Championship Records broken this year:

Ronan Pleass

  • 400m Open Freestyle previously held by P Watson 1996
  • 200m Senior Breaststroke previously held by P Watson 1996
  • 4x50m Senior Medley previously held by R Pleass 2018
  • 200m Senior Backstroke previously held by W Williams 2000
  • 100m U19 Backstroke previously held by W Williams 2000
  • 50m U19 Backstroke previously held by J.Dean 2018

M Johnson

  • 50m U17 Freestyle previously held by R Pleass 2018

Z Johnson

  • 50m U14 Breasstroke previously held by C Brockschmidt 2008

J Nel

  • 50m Breasstroke previously held byT Serek 2018


Outstanding Achievements in 2019

Inter – High swimming gala

Ronan Pleass

  • 4x50m Individual Medley Gold Medal
  • U19 100m Backstroke (Setting a new Inter High Record time) Gold Medal
  • U19 200m Freestyle Bronze

South African National Junior Championships March 2019

  • Ronan Pleass, Joshua Nel and Ciaran Otter selected to represent their Province at this event.

Senior National Championships April 2019.

  • Ronan Pleass, Joshua Nel, Ciaran Otter and Gareth Bockel selected to represent their Province at this event.

Congratulations to Ronan Pleass who qualified with three SA Senior Times forming part of the Elite Youth Squad.

Full results available here


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