Table Tennis


Table tennis started In 1971. Compared to our other sporting codes we have not achieved as much as the other sporting codes, but that has not defered from the enthusiasm shown and given by the boys! . Druring the 40 year existence of the sport, nine coloursmen have been rewarded with colours for this exciting sporting code. Neither one has made it into the provincial or national sides yet!


The centenary tournament took place on the 27th July with approximately 50 boys from six schools particitating. Individuals were dividend into a knockout system, with each player having a fair charge to play. Schools playing were Hyde Park, Chinese School, Roodepoort, Randburg, Jeppe boys and King Edward VÌÌ.

The games started with great excitement and most of the boys were very excited about playing in the tournament. The u-19 Gauteng table tennis champion was one of the participants and most boys hoped that they would not have to cross swords with him.

As the day progressed the excitement grew. The final match was played between Hyde Park and Jeppe Boys that was inevitably won by Christopher Lau. The Plate section was an all KES final, which was won by J.Maslov.

In conclusion, a word of thanks to the centenary office and Mr.S. McEwan for his help and assistance during the centenary.

In addition to our established senior and senior teams, we had an additional 50 inexperienced but enthusiastic boys wanting to participate in the centenary celebrations.

Our first encounter was against King David Linksfield; disappointingly, the senior boys went down 7-3 in a match they were expecting to win. The juniors, however, fought back and restored some pride by winning 6-4 on points.

In any sport, temperament and strategy is an important element in winning a game. P.Nielsen displayed great promise and Captain J.Maslov demonstrated the value of the mental aspect of the game and won most of his points on counter-attacks, using his powerful ‘smash’ to unsettle his opponents, but his aggressive attitude sometimes worked against him. V.Das Neves, on the other hand, played a more conservative, but equally impressive game. Many of his points were won by playing basic table tennis.


Anderson House scoop Seniors Table Tennis win!

King Edward VII School Table Tennis Inter House competition for the Seniors took place on Tuesday, 24 March. Senior Inter house table tennis results: 1. Anderson 2. School 3. Grimmer 4. Robinson 5....