Strenue - Strenue - March 2017

Astro under lights!

The 8th of March 2017 marked the official opening of the King Edward VII School hockey astro floodlights opened by trustee and benefactor, Mr James Teeger (Class of 1985) and Headmaster Mr David Lovatt.

In his welcoming of of the guests, Mr Lovatt noted ‘that 2017 was an important year for hockey at King Edward, as new and further projects will take place’. Exciting times indeed for our many hockey supporters and followers.

In attendance were invited guests including Old Boys, School Executives, hockey players and supporters. The lights were turned on as the sun went down which allowed for the KES 1st XI team to play against and show their skills vs an experienced OBA XI. It was the Red Sticks youngsters who took home  a final 4-2 win over the Old Boys’ XI. The game was played in true King Edward ‘spirit’ and enjoyed by the players and invited guests. 

The traditional School war-cry by the OBA and the School boys ended the formal proceedings of the evening and refreshments and eats served at Teddy Bears allowed for more fellowship of Team Red.

The addition of the floodlights to the King Edward VII School astro maximises the value of an investment in a synthetic turf pitch because of the longer periods of use for evening training and/or matches. ‘Friday Nights Hockey under Lights’ is sure to become a firm, favourite fixture at the School as teams from KES, K.E.P.S and the Old Edwardian Society will make use of this state-of-the-art facility.

Funding of the new astro lights was subsidised by K.E.P.S, King Edward Association and Old Boy James Teeger who championed this facility upgrade.

The Tradition of Sporting Excellence continues.

Go School.

Old Edwardians Society News.

Mike Dunk, Communications Officer of the Old Edwardian’s Society reports back on some  of the first quarter activities/events:

With a handful of league matches to go before then end of the cricket season, both our Premier and Presidents teams are top of the log. Both teams have played positive and attractive cricket in the second half of the season and the results, so far, bear testimony to that fact. Hopefully we will have some trophies in the cabinet at the end of the season to highlight the quality of cricket the teams have played.

Chad Brown won the mens singles tennis title for the first time. He beat Louis Pretorius in the final 61 62. After both needed three long sets to win their respective semi-final matches, the final was an unexpectedly easy win for Chad who played a very tactical match and never allowed Louis to settle into his preferred pattern of play.

There is also a new mens squash champion in Patrick Khumalo who beat Marc Sapire 11 9 11 6 and 11 4 in the final. Both players were playing in their first championship final and it was Patrick who wore his opponent down and dominated the match from mid-way through the second game when they were locked on 6 all. Superb length and control of shot frustrated Marc and allowed Patrick to claim his first championship.

The hockey club has appointed Colin Fielding as the mens 1st team coach for this season. Colin is well known to the school as he is Director of Hockey and a teacher there. He brings a well of coaching experience having coached the game at Pretoria Boys High for a number of years before accepting a post at King Edward.


The athletics club hold a weekly 5km Time Trial on a Wednesday starting at 17;45 from outside the main gates to the club. This is open to everyone and we would welcome any school boy or teacher to take part whether they are a serious road runner or would just like to amble or even jog around the leafy Houghton suburb on a regular basis.

K.E.P.S Term One Report Back from Mr Shead.

January 2017 came rushing much faster than anticipated.

After the holiday, we welcomed Mr. Hylton Thom to Grade 6 in the English department, Mr. James Edey to the History and Computer department, Mrs. Bianca Nassif to the Grade 3 department. There were many other staff changes that involved teachers moving from one grade to another. While this was initially met with some trepidation the staff embraced the change and the school, has been a better place for the changes. Mr. Clive Butler tended his resignation to start the year. We thanked him for his time and dedication to the Prep. School and wished him well on his journey.

Our year started with several the ladies visiting the office to share their news! To date we have five (5) ladies expecting babies this year! Mrs. Schoeman, who started this process, spent a large portion of the term waddling around the passages. We were sure that she was going to deliver in her class room. After one week of rest a 3,5 kg bundle of boy arrived for Gillian and Rik on 17th March 2017. Our congratulations and best wishes to Gillian, Rik and Rogan. There will be news such as this for the rest of the year!

The grade R was moved from the House to the Library. Three classes of boys all sharing the space and the toys and following the Reggio Emilio style of education. There are 6 adults in the center with the boys and they facilitate a lot of learning and many different experiences. The boys have adapted extremely well to the situation and the staff are inspired by the learning that is taking place. A very happy vibe is enjoyed by all who visit!

Our PTA started the celebration of 110 years of King Edward VII Preparatory school with a cupcake day. 1000 cup cakes and the whole school on the field singing happy birthday to a drone that was filming the event was quite good fun. Well done to the PTA. The celebrations begin.

Even the High School and Mr Lovatt had the pleasure of enjoying K.E.P.S 110th year cupcakes:

Cricket, Swimming and Water Polo have been the order of the term. We are finding that there are more boys involved which is putting pressure on the coaches to find teams for the boys. There is also a lot of pressure to find opposition in some of the age groups. On reflection, the results were not as pleasing as they might have been. The cricket coaches asked for a discussion session which produced healthy thoughts. These plans will be implemented, where possible, in the fourth term. The first team played in the DPHS festival of cricket and learnt a lot about the tribulations of playing cricket away from home.

Our Governing Body thanked Mr. Daryl Coker for his many years of service and wished him all the best as his boys both attend the High School. A by election was held in March and Mr. Thabiso Madiba has been elected to replace Daryl as the Treasurer. Our thanks are extended to Mr. Paul Marketos who was the stand in treasurer while the process unfolded. Many thanks Paul and welcome to the SGB Thabiso.

The classroom development is coming along nicely despite the weather. The building has been delayed due to the rain. While the rain has been welcomed the builders have been frustrated. The plan was to have the rooms ready for occupation by the end of the term. This has been delayed but the site is looking more exciting each day. As soon as the roof went on the boys started to ask when they would be moving in! There is a way to go still boys.

The little house on Oak street is going to be called ‘Oak House’ and will be used for the School Based Support Team (SBST) in the mornings and the Aftercare in the afternoons. This will provide a one stop venue for remedial lessons therapy and counselling during the day and a space for the aftercare boys which is closer to the gate in the afternoons. As soon as it has been renovated and is suitably habitable we will be moving the staff into their space. The aftercare room will then be converted into the new Library as the next step in the process.

Next term gets off to a ‘bang’ with the Easter Festival starting the term in the last week of the holidays. Follow the build-up on the d6 Communicator, Twitter or Facebook. We look forward to hosting and welcoming guests and visitors at the King Edward VII School Easter Festival. Happy Easter!

Some images from the very successful annual shave-a-thon event, the Friday ‘Joost Day’ and the K.E.P.S Cares Day:

Red Projects on the Go!

Massive Projects Currently on the go:

• `The Victor Daitz Mathematics Centre`, scheduled for completion in July 2017. Project includes additional ablutions for learners, and parking for educators
• The new hockey pavilion and change rooms, a component of the Maths Centre project, also to be completed July 2017

• Conversion of old dining room and kitchen at Gordon House, into ablutions and new dormitory space, to be ready for occupation January 2017
• Upgrade of external flatlet for educator at School House, to be ready mid-December
• Imminent upgrade of main events board, corner Ash / St Patrick, courtesy of King Edward Association

Red Machine in Action during the Easter Holidays.

Many of our sporting teams embark on tours and tournaments from the 31 March- 17 April 2017. Should you be in the vicinity of any of the tournaments, please get down to the venues and support the RED MACHINE:

Rugby: u14A Parktown Festival
31 March – 2 April 08:00
Parktown Boys’ High
Fri 31st
13: 10 KES vs Helpmekaar
16:05 Parktown vs KES

Sat 1st
9:00 KES vs St David’s
16:40 KES vs St Alban’s

Sun 2nd
10:45 KES vs Hilton
15:30 CBC vs KES

Hockey: Nomads U19 Hilton
1 April – 3 April

Sat 1st
09h30 Hilton College vs KES

Sun 2nd
08h15 KES vs Grey BFN
Mon 3rd
09h15 Selborne vs KES

Hockey: Nomads U16 Jeppe
31 March- 3 April
Jeppe High School for Boys

Fri 31st

Sat 1st

Sun 2nd

Mon 3rd

Rugby: u16 Jeppe Festival
1 – 4 April
Jeppe High School for Boys
Saturday 12: 00 vs Grey High School (PE)

Monday 10:00 vs Swartkops

Tuesday 11:00 vs Westville

Hockey: Nomads u14 Festival at Grey College
8 – 10 April
Sat 8th

Sun 9th

Mon 10th

Rugby: Francois Swart u15A Festival- 15A squad
10 April 11:00 – 13 April 13:00
11:00 KES vs Nelspruit

11:00 KES vs Kempton

08:30 KES vs Waterkloof

Squash: St Stithians Festival

12 – 15 April
St Stithians

KES Easter Hockey & Rugby Festival: 13- 17 April

13 April 08:00 – 17 April 17:00
King Edward VII School
Thurs 13th
14H00 Rugby Snrs: KES VS WYNBERG BOYS’

Sat 15th
15h15 Snr Rugby: KES VS RONDEBOSCH
16H25 Hockey: KES VS DHS





KES Easter Festival 2017- Come Share the Spirit!

2017 Easter  Rugby Festival Fixtures

  DAY 1 THURSDAY 13 APRIL 2017  
1 07:45 – 08:40 St John’s College vs Northwood High School  
2 08:50 – 09:45 Hoërskool Garsfontein vs Hoërkool Noordheuwel  
3 09:55 – 10:50 Durban High School vs Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool  
4 11:00 : 11:55 Hoërskool Waterkloof vs Grey College  
5 12:05 – 13:00 Hoërskool Menlopark vs Jeppe High School for Boys  
6 13:10 – 14:05 Kearsney College vs Rondebosch Boys’ High School  
7 14:15 – 15:10 King Edward VII School vs Hoërskool Eldoraigne  
8 15:20 – 16:15 Hoërskool Garsfontein vs Durban High School  
9 16:25 – 17:20 Hoërskool Eldoraigne vs Grey College  
10 17:30 – 18:25 Northwood High School vs Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool  
11 18:35 – 19:30 Jeppe High School for Boys vs Kearsney College  
12 19:40 – 20:35 King Edward VII School vs Rondebosch Boys’ High School  
  DAY 2 SATURDAY 15 APRIL 2017  
1 07:45 – 08:40 Hoërskool Waterkloof vs St John’s College  
2 08:50 – 09:45 Hoërskool Menlopark vs Hoërskool Noordheuwel  
3 09:55 – 10:50 Hoërskool Garsfontein vs Grey College  
4 11:00 : 11:55 Kearsney College vs Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool  
5 12:05 – 13:00 Hoërskool Eldoraigne vs St John’s College  
6 13:10 – 14:05 Hoërskool Waterkloof vs Hoërskool Noordheuwel  
7 14:15 – 15:10 Hoërskool Menlopark vs Northwood High School  
8 15:20 – 16:15 Rondebosch Boys’ High School vs Jeppe High School for Boys  
9 16:25 – 17:20 King Edward VII School vs Durban High School  
  DAY 3 SUNDAY 16 APRIL 2017  
1 08:00 – 08:55 Hoërskool Menlopark vs Durban High School  
2 09:05 – 10:00 Hoërskool Garsfontein vs Jeppe High School for Boys  
3 10:10 – 11:05 Hoërskool Eldoraigne vs Hoërskool Noordheuwel  
4 11:15 – 12:10 Hoërskool Waterkloof vs Kearsney College  
5 12:20 – 13:15 Grey College vs Rondebosch Boys’ High School  
6 13:25 – 14:20 King Edward VII School vs Northwood High School   
7 14:30 – 15:25 St John’s College vs Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool  
  DAY 4 MONDAY 17 APRIL 2017  
1 08:00 – 08:55 Grey College vs Northwood High School  
2 09:05 – 10:00 St John’s College vs Durban High School  
3 10:10 – 11:05 King Edward VII School vs Kearsney College  
4 11:15 – 12:10 Hoërskool Menlopark vs Rondebosch Boys’ High School  
5 12:20 – 13:15 Jeppe High School for Boys’ vs Hoërskool Eldoraigne  
6 13:25 – 14:20 Hoërskool Noordheuwel vs Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool  
7 14:30 – 15:25 Hoërskool Garsfontein vs Hoërskool Waterkloof  

Old Boys’ in the News across the globe.

Boxing: KES Old Boy Kevin Lerena (Class of 2010) in the news and off to USA for a big title fight on 14 April.
Click on given link to read more about his chances:

Cricket: KES Old Boys XI vs Touring Lloyds of London XI- 9 February

Wonderful afternoon of cricket and friendship shared in February at KES as we hosted the touring Lloyds of London XI in a T20 match.

Our Old Boys XI posted 174/6 after 20 overs with Jayden Broodryk (Capt) top scoring with 73* After a lightning delay for over an hour, the Lloyds XI put up a good fight and finished on 134/10 after 20 overs.

KES OBA XI won by 40 runs.

Thank you to the King Edward Association & Derron Van Eeden for all the organisation of this event. Special thanks to our Old Boys for taking part in this event and for Sharing the Spirit of our great School.

Athletics: King Edward VII School Old Boy Patrick Duvenage (Class of 2016) showing his class in first outing for his University Club.

Patrick now at TUKS has in his 1st year made the Varsity Cup Athletics team that participated at Potchefstroom on Friday night, 3 March. Patrick still a junior participated in the Men’s Discus and took Gold in his event with a 2kg discus with a distance of 53.22 m.

Fantastic news! Well done Patrick.

Golf: King Edward VII School Old Boy, Kyle McClatchie, Class of 2014, in the news and making strides on the golfing circuit.

Golf’s Digest ‘Amateur of the Year”

Click on given links to view the interview with Game On Magazine

Red Innovations: King Edward VII School Old Boy Jed Aylmer (Class of 2007) in the news.

Wonderful article on our Old Boy Jed Aylmer who is the designer of the new novel bed to be used at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.

Mr Jed Aylmer, a graduate in Industrial Design from the UJ Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA), designed the innovative and colourful plastic bed.
Aylmer, the director of Praestet (Pty) Ltd, developed the attractive “Symba Paediatric Hospital Bed” proposal as his capstone project in the Department of Industrial Design. “Whilst analysing the current products and researching new ideas, several paediatricians and members of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital Trust were consulted,” he said.

With help from his UJ supervisor Victor Dos Santos, lecturer in Industrial Design, Aylmer began sculpting his ideas and developing a theoretical citation. “The result was a “first pass” design of a bed which looked at offering a comforting environment in which a child can recover,” explained Aylmer.

Click on the link to read more on this wonderful innovation by Jed


Congratulations Jed and continued success with your design and future innovations, your School applauds.

Cricket: Quinton De Kock
King Edward VII School Old Boy, Quinton de Kock, Class of 2010, was named ICC ODI PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2016!

Quinton has had an amazing year- showing great form, skill and determination. KES cricketing community and family congratulate Quinny on this well-deserved accolade and trust 2017 will hold many more special memories and awards.

Red Community: KES Old Boy Farrell Kurensky, Class of 2011.
This is a story of an Old Boy, who is ‘doing his bit’ and more to make a positive change and contribution to a cause very close to his heart, Muscular Dystrophy.
Read his story and journey…we think that ‘such work’ done by an Old Boy, should be ‘celebrated’ along with the other stories we share from our community of Old Boys. Enjoy.

Joburg to Cape Town Cycle Tour – Fundraising for Ludick Fouche

Duchenne is a progressive muscle-wasting disease. It results from a defective gene responsible for producing the key muscle protein, dystrophin. Without dystrophin, cells easily become damaged and die, resulting in heart and breathing failure. The money raised from this journey, gave Ludick a motorised wheelchair which will make a huge difference and enable Ludick to move around independently

It took 9 full days.
Accumulated distance of +- 1600km
Accumulated riding time (actual cycling time) of 61h 40m 38s
Accumulated amount of elevation of 7898m

Those are the statistics of a trip that 11 of us crazy cycling enthusiasts did from Johannesburg to Cape Town.
Many people have asked me the all-important question WHY?! And my answer remains the same. Those are just statistics, distance, time, effort, metres climbed, towns visited and so on but those statistics mean nothing compared to the story that inspired all of us from different backgrounds to take on a trip like this. The answer to why is found in the story of the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.

I believe that giving back to people that are less fortunate than us is a selfless act and one that every person should make an effort to do. I have been working with the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of Gauteng and South Africa for the past two and a half years to raise awareness and money in order to help provide people with the disease, wheel chairs, financial support, a care giver or whatever else they need in order to have a more comfortable life.

Why did I choose the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation?
I really wanted to make a difference and when I was looking at all the charities in South Africa I noticed that all the money from big sponsors was going to charities such as CHOC, breast cancer, cancer, Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, SPCA and other large charities. Now of course these are all really important issues and issues that need money but I wanted to find a charity that really needed my help and a charity where I could help make a huge difference in people’s lives directly. I also loved that fact that I could see where my money and the money I raised was going and how it was making such an important difference in peoples lives right in front of my eyes.

The first year I worked with them I started a campaign called “Body Change” which was a challenge to everyone that wanted to get involved to grow their hair and challenge themselves to a physical activity for an entire year in order to raise awareness. It was a huge success and we raised a lot of money for the charity but more importantly we raised vital awareness. I have carried this on in other forms since then with great success. I have over the past 2 years also cycled the 94.7 for the charity along with countless others. Now however myself and 10 other cyclists did the cycle from Joburg to Cape Town for the same reason, to raise as much awareness as possible.

What is Muscular Dystrophy?
The disease takes many different forms but in a nutshell Muscular Dystrophy attacks the muscles of those affected. It is a degenerative muscles disorder that slowly depletes the persons muscles. So as a result the person starts to loose mobility and body functionality over time to the point where the persons organs start to fail or the immune system just becomes too weak to fight off infection. The most concerning part of all this is that their brains remain fully functioning and are perfectly able to have a career or give back to society however due to most of them being physically disabled, chasing a career and pursuing a normal life becomes near impossible as their bodies cannot do what their brains are telling them.

So I decided to dedicate my body and my physical ability to the cause and use my body in as many ways possible to raise awareness for those that cant use their muscles. Those stats that you see at the top of the page might seem extreme or difficult but nothing compares to what these people have to go through on a daily basis. What we did is a great achievement but what is more of an achievement was being able to donate an electric wheelchair to a young MD sufferer. This wheelchair will help him and his family immensely in the months and years to come and that for me makes life worth living.

The trip!
WOW!! Is the word that describes pretty much everything that this trip was. Wow wow wow.
DAY 1.
JHB to Klerksdrop to an awaiting sunset on the banks of the vaal river, an day that saw us do 208km and my first time ever doing more than 120km in one go on a bicycle so its safe to say that it was an eye opening experience.
DAY 2.
Klerksdrop to Christiana, a day that saw us do 220km and a new record achieved of completely two days in a row of more than 200km in one go. The highlight of this day has got to be the team spirit as everyone was starting to feel the pitch in the legs. The positive attitude of everyone showed me that anything is possible if you surround yourself with the right people.
DAY 3.
Christiana to Kimberly, a day that saw us do 120km and one that seemed relatively short after the two previous long days. The highlight of this day was firstly the relief of only doing 120km and secondly arriving in the diamond city and going to see the Big Hole. At this point the tour becomes very real as you say to yourself that you have cycled to KIMBERLY. Something I would never have through possible for someone like me.
DAY 4.
Kimberly to Britztown, a day that saw us do 251km and 13 hours 58mins on the bike. To be 100% there was no highlight to this day as you start to loose your sense of humour pretty quickly after spending almost 14 hours cycling with 38 degree heat and 25km side winds battering you the whole way. It was a day that I had to dig deeper than I have ever had to dig in order to get through it. It was a day that tested me in every possible way, a day that made me start to realise the true extent of what we were doing but also a day that built my character to new levels and made me a stronger person. This was a day that I will remember for the rest of my life.
DAY 5.
Britztown to Three sisters, a day that saw us do 180km. The highlight of this day was the most unbelievable sun rise we witnessed while flying along on the flat roads at 35kmh. Your relationship with the road at this point is a love/hate one as the road never seems to end but gives you comfort that at least it’s a tar road and not a sand one haha.. Another highlight of this day was being greeted to an amazing hotel called Travalia hotel and the beautiful views it provided of the surrounding mountains and valleys that lay ahead of us.
DAY 6.
Three sisters to Oudtshoorn, a day that saw us do close to 200km and wow what an unbelievable show that stretch of road provided us with. This was a day where I believe we will started to really see why our country has got to be one of the most beautiful countries on this earth. As I rode along at the front of the group with Jonny Clegg’s Asimbonanga playing in my headphones I really started to appreciate this road and the journey it was taking me on.
DAY 7.
Oudtshoorn to Barrydale, a day that saw us do 179km but also a day where we tackled our first really big mountain pass. A pass that stretched 13km and an elevation of over 1000m and a true highlight of my trip. As hard as this day was it really showed me that anything is possible and if we truly put our minds to it, not even mountains can stop the progress that you want to make. A truly challenging day but one that had me smiling continually as I conquered each kilometre.
DAY 8.
Barrydale to Hermanus , the last stretch and a day that saw us do 140km but a truly unforgettable day for when we came around a corner with only about 20km to go we got our first look at the ocean and the realisation that I had just cycled to the coast, a distance that had me asking my mom at the age of 13 “Are we there yet”. The view brought back so many memories of the past 7 days and I had the most unbelievable sensation of calm and relief as well as a huge sense of pride in myself.
DAY 9.
Literally the LAST DAY. A day that saw us do 80km from Hermanus to Gordans bay. A road that runs along the coast and a road battered with seriously strong wind from every direction. A day that reminded me of the last day of the Tour De France, a day where no one attacks the leader and a day of calm, chatter, laughing, fun, plenty of beer and a huge sense that it would all be over soon. That unfortunately did have to happen and on arrival in Gordans bay I believe that the whole group felt an unbelievable sense of achievement but also felt a little sad as our epic journey had now come to an end. A journey that had seen us travel across many provinces, see every landscape, form friendships, appreciate the small things in life, bow before mountains, get humbled by the wind, gained a new respect for the heat South Africa has, but mostly a journey that had seen a group of individuals do something unbelievable for something bigger than them and give back to someone that was less fortunate.

This is the story of our epic trip that I will never forget and I challenge every KES boy to go out and do something for someone else today. It doesn’t have to be a cycle trip to Cape Town, it can be as small as sharing this story and making people aware of real issue in this world. Challenge yourself everyday to be better and life and people will surprise you with their generosity and kindness.


Well done Farrell for the inspiration & hopefully motivating our Red Family to supporting causes close to their hearts.
The heart of King Edward lies within it’s community! That is the Edwardian way.
Go School.

Old Boys’ Reunion Dates and Reminders.


2007 10 YEAR REUNION 5-7 MAY 2017
1997 20 YEAR REUNION 5-7 MAY 2017
1992 25 YEAR REUNION 5-7 MAY 2017
1987 30 YEAR REUNION 5-7 MAY 2017
1977 40 YEAR REUNION 10-12 NOVEMBER 2017
1972 45 YEAR REUNION 10-12 NOVEMBER 2017
1967 50 YEAR REUNION 10-12 NOVEMBER 2017
1957 60 YEAR REUNION 10-12 NOVEMBER 2017
1947 70 YEAR REUNION 10-12 NOVEMBER 2017


KES UK Golf Day, Dinner and Cricket – Limited Availability! 

Watch KES Protea Old Boys in action at the Oval in London.

SAVE the DATES:  Friday 28 July and Saturday 29 July

The KES UK Old Boys Committee have managed to secure 40 tickets for the Saturday (29 July 2017) cricket test between the SA Proteas and England. These are being sold on a first come, first serve basis.

On the Friday before the cricket, we’re hosting the KES UK Old Boys annual Golf Day and dinner – so for those travelling in from afar we suggest the GOLD package below!! Please round up your mates and book a four ball and seats together at the cricket!

Packages on offer as follows:

GOLD STRENUE Package: Friday & Saturday 28/29 July – Weekend package – £175
(Golf (£35), Dinner (£20), Shirt & Cap (£20), Cricket at Oval (£80 face value), KES donation (£20))

SILVER STRENUE Package: Saturday 29 July – Cricket only Package – £120
(Cricket at Oval (£80 face value), Shirt & Cap (£20), KES donation (£20))

BRONZE STRENUE Package: Friday 28 July – Golf & Dinner Package – £75
(Golf (£35), Dinner (£20), Shirt & Cap (£20))

COPPER STRENUE PACKAGE: Friday 28 July – Dinner only Package – £40 or £50
(Dinner and KES donation (£40), Optional Cap (£10))

Golf and Dinner
Venue: Richmond Park Golf Club
Date: 28 July 2017

Cricket – Investec Test Match: England v South Africa Day 3
Venue: Kia Oval, London
Date: 29 July 2017

For the cricket you’re welcome to bring children or spouses but they will have to wear a KES Golf Shirt and Cap.

Payments must be made to:

Account Name: King Edward VII School Old Boys Society (UK)
Sort code: 400328
Account number: 32890631
Reference: Name/Surname Year you left KES

King Edward Educational Trust – Standard Bank
Branch: Killarney, Branch code 07205,
Account number: 200289047
Reference: Name/Surname Year you left KES

Please RSVP and send confirmation of payment to secure your place to:

Cultural Events and Highlights from Term 1!

Photographic Club News:
At a School Assembly on Friday, 3rd of February an ‘old award’ was re-ignited and awarded to the King Edward Photographic Society.
Recently this trophy was found (which was last awarded in 1988) for the ‘Best Photo of the Year’.
The winner of this trophy in 2016 (as judged by 3 external Judges), for his photo entitled ‘Hanging Tree’, is awarded to Yaseen Bhabha.

Public Speaking: Annual ‘Just a Minute’ 2017
The Annual ‘Just -a Minute’ Inter House Competition took place at KES on the 31 January.

A fun evening was held to kick off the year of Public Speaking events.

The results of the Inter House ‘Just-a-minute’ competition were as follows:
Robinson 8th
Davis 7th
School 6th
Anderson 5th
Hill 4th
Crofts 3rd
Grimmer 2nd

Hofmeyr 1st (Winning Team: Yanga Hlalu, Chrima Amadi-Echendu & James Parsons)

Community Outreach: Blood Drive January 2017

Thank you to the King Edward VII School lads for participating and contributing to the first blood drive, 31st of January  2017.

60 units in total donated.

House points are as follows:
School: 1st – 13 Units
Crofts, Hill & Hofmeyer: 2nd – 10 Units
Robinson: 3rd – 9 Units
Anderson & Grimmer 4th: – 4 Units

Red Family we are aiming for a 75 unit donation at our next drive, so please parents, friends and family get to KES next term (date TBC) and help us save a life.

Dramatics Society
The 52nd annual inter-house play finals were staged on Tuesday 14 March before a packed audience who enjoyed a feast of comedy. The adjudicators for the festival were Devon Welmers, Malcolm Meintjes and Mazi Thanda. Thanks to Mr Terry Bremner and Mrs Megan Friedland for all their hard work staging the festival.

Final Placings
Winning house play
(and best Comedy): Davis Presidential Debate a SNL adaption
Proxime Accessit: Robinson Bloody Mary by Greg Vavos
Third place: School The Thin Blue Line: The Green Eyed Monster by J Rieper

Best Actor: Seth Thorne Davis
Best Actor (Proxime Accessit): Joshua Kinsey Robinson
Best Supporting Actor: Samuel Groenewald School
Best Actor in a Female Role: Ross Robertson Robinson
Best Director: Terence Clarkson Hill
Best Set: Davis


The blood drive held on 31 January collect 60 units for the SANBS.

Valentines sales put some money into our coffers. The boys bought roses and fluffy toys which were delivered to a number of schools around Johannesburg. The current collection by house, of Easter eggs, is well underway. These treats will be distributed to Charity organizations at the end of term.

Three of our boys who are representatives on the Johannesburg Youth Councils have had interaction with the Stroke Foundation and we will be making a video to promote Stroke Awareness among the youth.

Public Speaking and Debating
A number of Public Speaking events were held over the past few weeks with promising results and the boys performing well. The Debating season has started and we have had some encouraging results from the Debating competitions we have attended. Interest is growing in the activity and we look forward to a successful season.

Grade 12’s and Grade 10’s- received a ‘B’  & ‘B+’ respectively for their speech events.
Grade 11’s received an ‘A’ in their event.
Grade 9’s received a ‘B’ and ‘B+’ in their events.

Ntsako Mphahlani participated in the Elite Individual Public Speaking event and received an ‘A’ for his speech.

Further congratulations to Ryan Mildenhall, Gregg Fisher, Fari Lishivha and Ntsako Mphahlani who all received ‘Certificates of Excellence’ at the finals evening of the Public Speaking League. This was in recognition of their quick-witted and entertaining roles as MC’s at the events hosted at KES. Well done, Gents!

Music Society and Choir
There will be an Expressions evening to showcase the musical talent of the boys on Thursday 23 March.

Please support the Music and Choral Society.

Chess Club Term One

A, B and C Teams continue to produce sound and steady results in the JHB Schools League on a weekly basis.
Full results can be viewed at the School website.

The preliminary rounds of the Inter-house Quizwizz were held on Monday 13 March. 10 house teams and one educator’s team competed on the evening. Competition was tough and much fun was had by all the participants. The top three teams comprising of Crofts, Robinson (1) and Anderson (who were the overall winners) will proceed to the inter school competition later in the year.

2017 RCL Executive selected:
T Berman

Deputy President
G Fisher

L Woolway

Y Bhabha

J Thomas

Mr U Maqina
Mr R Hansen
Mr P Magubane

Rowing Club bring home the medals at SA Champs

King Edward VII School produced the best set of overall results for the Club at SA School Championship for a long time.

Overall Boys’ Schools -King Edward VII School placed 2nd place. 
3rd place – St John’s
1st Place – St Benedict’s 

King Edward was named the Best Open Group – 1st place. Captain Ted Mphahlani, Cameron Bryce & Dominic Basson accepted the award.

Sculls – Silver: Liam Smit (Broke the SA record that stood since 2005, with 11 seconds).

Pair – Gold (and new SA record) : Chris Baxter & Damien Bonhage-Koen

Quad – Bronze

Four – Gold

1st Eight – Silver

2nd Eight – Silver

2nd Four – 4th

Coxless Four – 3rd in B Final

Pair – Silver – Tiano Da Silva & James Weyers

Coxless Four – Silver & bronze

Eight – Silver

Quad – 7th
Octupul – 6th

Sculls – Bronze: Roelof Smit with brother Liam Smit

Octupul – Silver

Congratulations KES Rowing Club- outstanding season and fantastic set of results.

Well done to all.

Go School.

Sporting Excellence highlighted in Term One!

Cricket: King Edward VII School 2nd XI beat St Stithians 2nd XI by 5 wickets in the Johnny Waite 2nd Division League Final played at St David’s on 1 March 2017.
St Stithians 2nd 119/7 after 20 overs.J Parsons 2/13
KES 2nd XI 120/5. J Thomas 39* & M Newland-Nell 38.

KES 2nds win by 5 wickets. Congratulations lads & Mr Van Rooyen. Back to back wins for our 2nd XI, also winning in 2016. King Edward 2nds have won 4 out of 6 last years competition.

KES 1st XI lost to St Stithians by 10 runs in the JWK Final and our U16A also lost to St Stithians U16A in JWK Final.








Best Batsmen

Best Bowlers

Central (25 Jan) – Round Robin



Won by 7 wickets

D van Tonder 28*

L Momberg 3/15

J Hollard 2/11

Kings School Bryanston (1 Feb) – Round Robin



Won by 9 wickets.


J Parsons 3/3

N Stubbs 4/8

Heron Bridge (8 Feb) – Round Robin



Won by 75 runs.

S Naidoo 50*

J Hollard 3/9

L Momberg 3/5

J Parsons 2/3

Jeppe (15 Feb) – QF



Won by 95 runs.

M Newland-Nell 100

N Stubbs 3/23

J Hollard 2/11

D van Tonder 2/2

St Davids (28 Feb) – SF



Won by 100 runs.

M Newland-Nell 52

J Thomas 37

J Hollard 2/8

S Naidoo 2/19

N Stubbs 2/11

St Stithians (1 March) – Final



Won by 5 wickets.

M Newland-Nell 38

J Thomas 39*

J Parsons 2/13

SwimmingCongratulations King Edward swimmer Ronan Pleass on his selection to represent Gauteng Schools’ Swimming Team at the SA Schools’ Championships from 9-13 April.

Furthermore King Edward VII School swimmers were selected to compete at SA Regional Champs during March 2017. Well done to Joshua Dean, Joshua Nel, Sabusiswa Ngcobo and Gareth Bockel on their selection to represent their Aquatics Clubs at the SA Level 3 Regional Swimming Championships.

Swimming Results 2017 Champs: Winners of Trophies in 2017

Stuart 200m Championship Freestyle Trophy
Ethan Coryndon-Baker

Harcourt Cooke 100m Breaststroke Championship Trophy
Michael Raven

Donaldson Family 400m Championship Trophy
Ronan Pleass

Dr A du Bos 100m Freestyle Championship Trophy
Travis Gordon

Dick Alexander 100m Open Backstroke Trophy
Joshua Dean
Doble Hoffman 200m Breaststroke Championship Trophy
Michael Raven

Eric E Heilbronner 100m Butterfly Championship Trophy
Joshua Dean

John D Wilson Open Individual Medley Championship Trophy
Joshua Dean

Mrs A Canning 200m Backstroke Championship Trophy
Joshua Dean

Janet Kyte U14 Championship Trophy
Joshua Zietsman

Wilna Groenewald U15 Championship Trophy
Max Johnson

C R Bluett Junior Championship Trophy
Ronan Pleass

Marchant U17 Championship Trophy
Cade Robertson and T Serek

Old Edwardian Senior Championship Trophy
Joshua Dean

Swimming & Water Polo Inter House 2017: Anderson House showed their strength in the pool and are the 2017 Inter House Winners

Rowing: Results from Germiston Regatta-25 February

1st Eight- Gold

Crew photo. Back. Damien Bonhage Koen, Dean Geldhof,Christopher Baxter and Cameron Menton.
Front. Tait McJarrow, Brandon Bester,Nic Nepgen, Ntsako Mphahlani and Cameron Bryce.

1st Four- Silver
U19 Scull- Gold- Smit; Silver -Reynolds; 4th – Bryce & 6th – Jackson

U19 Pair- Bronze
1st Quad- Gold
2nd Eight- Gold
2nd Four- Gold
U16A- Silver
U16 Four- Gold
U16 Quad- Bronze
U16 Pairs – Gold
U16A Eights -Silver
U16A coxless 4 -Gold
U16B coxless 4- Bronze
U15A Oct- 4th
U15B Oct- Silver
U14A Oct-Silver
U14B Quad- Silver
U14C Quad- Gold

Athletics- District Meets and Gauteng Championships

Seventeen King Edward VII athletes represented D9 (Johannesburg East) at these Championships. Essentially there were 14 districts from the entire Gauteng. This includes the Pretoria region as well. Athletics doesn’t split between Johannesburg and Pretoria like cricket and rugby, therefore ALL the school districts compete in Gauteng compete against each other. Generally speaking there are 28 athletes per event and in most cases heats, semi-finals and then finals. Therefore just by making the finals is an achievement on its own. 13 of our athletes made finals.

Below are the results from the FINALS at the championships:
S Freeman U19 – 800m – 6th, 1500m final – 7th
I Molefe U19 – Triple jump 1st (new record 14m47cm), Long Jump 4th
R Botha U17 – Javelin 8th
J Iye U17 – triple jump 10th
J Erasmus U17 – Shot Put 9th
N De Swardt U17 – High Jump 3rd place, Long Jump 10th
T Smith U17 – 100m – 6th
D Curtis U17 – 1500m 11th , 3000m 12th
P Mulea U15 – Discus 10th
K V D Colff U15 – High Jump 11th
R Mohale U15 – 100m 4th , Long Jump 6th
L Pillay U15 – 200m 2nd , 400m 3rd
J Dreyer U15 – 800m 13th

Congratulations Team Red, we are very proud of your efforts and achievements this term.

N De Swardt-placed 3rd u17 High Jump               Lythe Pillay- 2nd u15 200m

Our athletes also produced outstanding results at TUKS Top 10 Meeting.
King Edward VII School placed 2nd out of 10 all boys school entries in the A section on the 15 February, competing at the TUKS Top 10 Meeting.

Some special mentions:
U19 4 x 100m relay 2nd place
U15 relay teams wins 4 x 100m
T Smith u17 200m 22,6s , 8th place out of 24
D Seete 6th out of 45 athletes u16 200m
L Pillay wins 200m u14 23.11 1st out of 21 athletes
I Molefe wins U19 Triple Jump with a massive 14m64cm
T Smith u17 400m 50,67s 12th out of 24
L Pillay 400m U14 time new top 10 record 51,22s
L Hlengane 10th out of 20 in u14 high jump
S Freeman 5th 400m hurdles u19 57.1s
R Mohale 2nd out of 18 athletes u15 100m hurdles
K Van Der Colff 12th out of 27 U15 high jump
C Shibotze 11.54 – 6th out of 26 athletes u15 100m
D Seete gets a brilliant 2nd overall in boys u16 400m I Molefe 6m96cm u18 long jump 3rd place
A Mkhontwana 2nd overall in the u14 100m
R Mohale jumps 6m36cm u15 long jump to be placed 3rd
N De Swardt jumps 6m77cm in a new PB U16 Long jump
N De Swardt U16 high jump equals record 2m 02cm

Outstanding results from our Red Machine of elite athletes.

Selected King Edward VII School elite athletes took part in the District D9 Championships at the Herman Immelman Stadium in Germiston on Monday, 27 February.

20 athletes took part and brought home 28 medals.

18x gold medals
9x silver medals
1x bronze medals

Congratulations Class of 2016!

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 on their Matric Results

Number of candidates: 203
Pass Rate: 100% excluding progressed learner
                 99,5% including progressed learner
Matric Endorsement (Bachelor’s Pass): 83.66%
Eligibility to Tertiary Education: 99%
Total number of Distinctions: 267

























Excellence in Education Rewarded

Academic Excellence Awarded!
Congratulations to the Academic Staff and Top Achievers of the Class of 2016

The Johannesburg East District Academic awards for the NSC examinations of 2016 were held at Crawford College on Friday evening 27 January 2017 and King Edward VII School walked away with top honours.
The following educators received awards on behalf of their departments:
Mrs Asvat – Mathematical Literacy

Ms Avidon (HOD) of Accounting & Mrs Naidoo- Top Educators (Johannesburg East) for Accounting.
King Edward VII School Accounting Department- awarded Highest Average in Accounting in the Johannesburg East District.

King Edward VII School Mathematics & Mathematics Literacy Department- awarded Highest Average in Mathematics in the Johannesburg East District.

Back Row: Mr Khanye, Ms Kyte (HOD of Mathematics), Mr Thompson
Middle Row: Mr Crossley, Mrs Kiewitz, Ms Sturmheit, Mr Magubane
Front Row: Mrs Asvat, Ms Naidoo, Mrs Wadee, Mrs Chigumba

Devon Nell was awarded the Top Learner in Engineering Graphics & Design in the Johannesburg East District.

Byron Christou was awarded 3rd place overall in the NSC Johannesburg East District.

King Edward VII School Accounting & Mathematics Departments- Highest Average in JHB East District.

Letter of Congratulations from Department of Education
KES Academics Congratulatory Letter from Edu Dept 2017.pdf

Tradition of Academic Excellence continues. Go School.