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Top Achiever – Old Boy Nabeel Fazluddin

Nabeel Fazluddin, Matriculant of 2018, achieved 9 distinctions, he was our top student last year with an average of 93.4% and he finished as the top student in Accounting, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences in the District!

We caught up with Nabeel recently and wanted to share a little with the current Matric students:


What have you decided to do this year?

I’m currently studying medicine at WITS.

Do you have any advice for the current Grade 12’s based on your experience?

Don’t burn out. Do everything in moderation. Find a good sitcom to watch during study breaks once exams start. I recommend the Office. It was the only thing that kept me sane during finals!

Would you have done differently in your Matric year?

I don’t think that I would change anything from my Matric year. I don’t mean that it was perfect, it’s just that everything worked out in the end.

What do you miss most about KES?

I miss Ms. Meyers English class the most. Ironically, English was my least favorite subject. And I also miss my classmates as most of us have gone in our own separate ways.


We look forward to following this outstanding young RED gentleman in career!