"The King Edward VII School boarding establishment is designed to offer different age groups a tailored experience relative to their tenure at the School. Three boarding houses offer uniquely different experiences."

Boarders at King Edward VII School are accommodated in three boarding houses.

  • School House for learners in Grade 8
  • Donald Gordon House for learners in Grade 9
  • Buxton House for learners in Grades 10 – 12

Each boarding house is equipped with so called ‘Common Rooms’ (designated socialising facilities), with DStv, pool and table tennis access. Mentors and academic matrics have single rooms. An extensively equipped modern gym on the School property, as well as the School’s tennis and basketball courts, swimming pool and sports fields, are available for the use of boarders.

A Boarding House Director oversees the entire boarding establishment, ably assisted by senior boarding house masters.

Easy access to the School's extensive academic, cultural, and sporting facilities, ensures that boarders are always at the forefront of embracing involvement in a broad spectrum of activities.

Healthcare services

Medical needs are coordinated by an experienced Matron and Paramedic who reside in the boarding house complex.

Boarders have been an important component of King Edward VII School since its inception in 1902. The proud tradition of camaraderie, lifetime friendships and a caring boarding community has influenced parents to continue enrolling their sons into the boarding milieu.

The applications for boarding invariably far exceed the places available, and applicants are interviewed to assess their suitability for boarding.


    Grade 8 boarders spend their first year at School House before moving to Donald Gordon House.

    School House can accommodate 80 learners, and provides a distinctly nurturing environment that helps new boarders acclimatise to their first longer term stay away from home.

    The senior boarding house master, his assistant duty masters, and selected prefects, manage the well-being of the young boarders. It is said that Grade 8 boarders enjoy the `largest garden` of all, having free access to the School's renowned manicured fields.

    School House was opened in 1937 when G P Prescott was headmaster. This makes School House the oldest of the three boarding houses. Since 1937, School House has always prepared boarders for the most important developing years in their high school careers and has done this with pride.









    Donald Gordon House, for Grade 9 learners, recognises the transition from first year boarding to that of confident older boys who now adapt to boarding with aplomb.

    A spectacular north-facing view of Johannesburg complements the gardens where Grade 9 boarders relax in free time.

    Donald Gordon House had humble beginnings. It was opened at the beginning of January 1998 and was originally home to 12 boys and two house masters.

    The learners and masters were accommodated in the “Gate House” while renovations were underway on the “Main House”. Renovations were fully completed in April 1999 and the boarding house now comprises “Gate House” and the original “Main House” for Grade 9 learners and selected mentors only.

    80 boarders can be accommodated in Donald Gordon House.

    The senior boys act as mentors and role models to the juniors, guiding them on the path to becoming true King Edward VII School boarders.

    Donald Gordon House is firmly established within the King Edward VII School hostels and the boys have a house to which they are proud to give ownership. A house with its own unique ethos, traditions and rhythms.

    From here, we are able to produce young men of the highest calibre. Yet it must be said that none of this would have been possible without the wholehearted support of the parents of the boys of Donald Gordon House.



    Situated on Houghton Ridge, Buxton House has commanding views over the leafy northern suburbs of Johannesburg and on clear days the Magaliesburg Mountains are visible from the senior dormitories.

    Buxton House accommodates 175 learners.

    Buxton House welcomes more senior boarders from Grades 10 to 12. Each boarding house is equipped with so called 'Common Rooms', quite simply designated socialising facilities, with access to Dstv, Pool and Table Tennis.

    Buxton House originated after the Governor-General’s War Fund bought Del Norte in the early 1920’s. Renamed Buxton House, it accommodated boarders who were the sons of soldiers who had been killed or disabled in World War I. From 1937 it housed Prep School boarders.

    In 1957 High School boarders began to be phased back into Buxton. In 1963 Buxton was demolished and the new Buxton House was built on the same site. Davis and Hill’s Houses closed their doors at the end of 1964 and the new Buxton opened in January 1965.


    Dining away from home – the boarding experience

    Recent extensive investment in the renovation of the boarding house kitchen and dining room, has resulted in a state-of-the-art catering complex, allowing the professional on site caterers to provide meals specially designed by qualified nutritionists. All boarders dine under one roof.




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